Friday, October 11, 2013

oh, home sweet ...

And.... I am back. Two weeks went by in a flash and I am back in Melbourne, suffering from a very nice souvenir from Germany. Actually I am suffering from two - namely a nasty cold I probably caught in Hamburg before departing and a minor major case of homesickness.

I miss my family, my parents and especially my grandmother. I was granted with many beautiful hours that I spent with her during my visit, only making our goodbye hard, oh so hard. I miss her terribly.

I miss my friends - I was lucky to see many of them while traveling through Germany and Switzerland. It was wonderful to see that even after two years of not seeing each other, it was easy to pick up where we left. It almost felt like I had never moved and that makes me very happy.

One of the first things I did after arriving in Frankfurt was to go shopping at our local supermarket. I was in heaven. My dad actually came looking for me inside after I didn't reappear in ages. I was too busy roaming the aisles for long-lost-dearly-missed favorites of mine!!

I had a super busy schedule and I almost never had alone time let alone time for taking photographs. I had all those plans laid out - where to go, what to see, what to photograph. In the end I only spent one afternoon in Frankfurt by myself, waiting for a friend to come and have dinner with me at the great new restaurant Oosten at the banks for the river Main.

Its okay though. I was busy living life and enjoying time with my loved ones. Is there a better excuse for coming home almost empty-handed with only a couple of shots on the camera? I don't think so!!

I snapped some pictures around the old town of Frankfurt, the river, the dome, the cityhall and a great exhibition of Brazilian street art. Would have loved to check it out but, you guessed it, no time :)

For all the expats - isn't it incredible how one needs another vacation after returning visiting home? So busy!!! Definitely doesn't count as a holiday! Ready for the next one! *K


  1. Sounds lovely! Trips home definitely don't count as a holiday though... whenever I go back to California I'm busier there than I am here!

  2. Na der nächste Urlaub steht ja fast vor der Tür, ne? Ach ja und Heimat....nach all meinen Reisen und 15 Monaten in Australien, hege ich für Deutschland mittlerweile auch sowas wie Liebe. Hat viele Jahre gedauert, aber man wird ja älter und weiser ;). Ich kann Dich also sehr gut verstehen. So unglaublich schön Australien auch ist. Es ist einfach total anders. Und Familie und alte Freunde sind einfach das Wichtigste im Leben. Ich hoffe Du wirst Deine Omi nochmal wiedersehen. ♥ Lg, Nadine

  3. My step-sister lives in Frankfurt and I've been there a few time, but long time ago...It's a beautiful city! Btw: I am so happy that you enjoyed your time back home. Kisses and feel better soon, darling.

  4. I'm going to Frankfurt next weekend and hardly can wait. I hope I have such good weather, too!

  5. Home and first day of work today. Still completely jetlagged and feel like I need another holiday already! Not helped by the rain today. Glad you had a good break - still interested in meeting to talk photos?

  6. Oah, ich liiiiebe deine Bilder so sehr. Hach, sie sind einfach toll und zeigt mir mal wieder, dass es auch daheim schön sein kann.
    Interessant wäre jetzt noch gewesen, was du den alles im Supermarkt an lang vermissten Lieblingsdingen gekauft hast. :D
    Liebe Grüße

  7. i'm so glad you got some special time with your grandma, i'm so sorry about the hard goodbye :( we had to do that once and it is the worst.

  8. Your photos are so beautiful! I'd love to go there one day :) And I completely understand about the hard goodbyes. I'm originally from France but I've been living in the UK for 4 years and it's always difficult to leave, especially my family. Be strong!


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