Wednesday, October 23, 2013

a walk through the valley of waterfalls

While being back in Germany, I also spent some days visiting my old home for 4 years - Bern in Switzerland. One of the things I do miss in Australia are proper mountains. You know that kind of mountains with glaciers, snow and above 2000m high! The highest mountain in Australia is Mount Kosciuszko with staggering 2280m!! Which is okf course, nothing compared the the Alps I have grown to love so much!!

As I didn't have time for a proper hike, me and a couple of friends decided to just head to Lauternbrunnen Valley and take a walk along the scenic route along the valley. Such a great decision! The air was warm, the sun was out and the mountains looked breathtaking as I remembered them!

The Lauterbrunnen Valley is also called the valley of waterfalls, there are over a hundred of them and is one of my most favorite places in Switzerland! It is also the favorite place for basejumpers - we saw (and heard!) a couple of them jumping during our walk! The sound of the parachute opening so close to the ground has heartattack potential!

Even if I am not ready to move to Switzerland (yet), I am already looking forward to explore more of the mountains once we are back! Such a beautiful and peaceful place!

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Enjoy!! *K


  1. These are stunning Kristina! We definitely don't do mountains at all well here - we were so blown away when we saw the Swiss Alps x

  2. Ich krieg schon wieder Heimweh/Fernweh, obwohl doch grade erst zurück aus der Schweiz. Das Lauterbrunnen Tal merk ich mir... fürs nächste Mal dann.

    Herzlich, Katja

  3. So so amazing! Words can't even describe the beauty. I've been wanting to visit Switzerland for so many years... I need to make a trip soon :)

  4. Wow amazing views! I really need to leave behind my city life every once in a while and step into the beauty of nature like this!

  5. lovely pics :)

  6. what a beautiful place!!
    you have a really lovely blog :)

  7. WOW, what a beautiful place and the view is so pretty!!! Glad you had fun, lovely:) Happy Tuesday. xoxo

  8. How beautiful! This looks so peaceful. It's such a shame I don't know much about Switzerland. I grew up in Lyon, France which is only a couple of hours away. I should make an effort one of these days! xx

  9. Your home place looks so beautiful! It's like out of a tale!

  10. Can't get that much more gorgeous than that, can it?

  11. Oh you did visit Switzerland this summer?! You should have told me - would have been great to go for a little hike with you :) Great pictures from the Lauterbrunnen Valley!

  12. The pictures are stunning, I liked getting to know about the ND filter, I'm gonna try it out i have had many blurry pics. Thanks and cheers


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