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| tasmania | cradle mountain

Our first stop on Tasmania was Cradle Mountain, which is a 90minutes drive from the small coastal town of Devonport where our ferry arrived after crossing the Bass Straits in a 12 hour journey. It is supposed to be one of the most wild streches of water worldwide but we were lucky and the water was calm. We set up our tent on a beautiful campground in bush setting, just outside the Cradle Mountain National Park. Tasmania is a really wild piece of land, most of its Western part being National Parks with untouched nature, mountains, lakes and rivers.

It is also the start of the famous Overland Track, the most iconic bushwalk in Australia, strechting for 65km through wilderness. I would love to do the track while living in Australia! Maybe next summer, we'll see!

After a good night of sleep, a wholesome breakfast in the campkitchen, we packed our daypacks and left for the park. All visitors to Tasmanian National Parks need a permit, we bought ours on the ferry so we were ready to go ($60 per vehicle incl 8 persons, valid for 8 weeks). There is a shuttle service, so people don't need to take their cars which is great.

Our mission for the day was to walk around Dove Lake - the conditions were perfect: warm weather, sunshine and blue sky waited for us when we stepped out of the shuttle!

The walk around Dove Lake takes around 2 hours, but with many photo stops and a picnik at the shore it took us a bit longer to return to the carpark. The famous boatshed was as beautiful as I imagined it to be and the water of the lake was icecold as it looked - too cold for my taste but some crazies went for a swim anyway (screaming and puffing).

We also met some local wildlife, the cute wallaby just loved to be cuddled behind its ears!

We returned later at night for a sunset over the lake and ventured out to the bushlands to look for wombats and platypus - two Australian native animals we have not seen yet! And we were lucky, there were many wombats around and after sitting still by the side of a small stream, we spotted the shy platypus! It was too dark already for a picture, so no proof!

It is such a beautiful place of wilderness and I am looking forward to return, maybe for walking the Overland Track. Anybody interested in joining, please let me know!

I am currently preparing for my trip home to Germany, only 8 days to go until I embark on the 25 hour journey from Melbourne via Dubai to Frankfurt. Its the first time I am going home after moving to Australia (almost 2 years ag) and I seriously can't freaking wait!!  *K


  1. What a beautiful place! The blue of the lake is so deep!

    Awww, wallaby and wombats! Amazing that the wallaby was so trusting that you could touch it. Fantastic!

  2. The wallaby! Aaawwwww! :))
    Eines Tages fahre ich auch mal dorthin. Einestages... :)
    LG /inka

  3. I love all of the travelling you do around Australia! (And I love all of these wildlife experiences - whales, kangaroos, wombats & wallabies!)

    Hoping the 8 days pass quickly for you Kristina! Two years is an awfully long time to be away from home!

  4. Oh, how beautiful! I can't believe that you patted a wallaby, that is so cool! :)

  5. Wow, sieht wieder wunderschön aus! Und der Wallaby ist total süß :)

  6. Ich liebe den Cradle Mountain NP und auf das gesehene Wombat bin ich total neidisch. In 15 Monaten Australien habe ich nicht eins gesehen. Wünsche Dir eine gute Reise und eine schöne Zeit in der Heimat. XOXO, Nadine

  7. Toll, toll :-) Und dann hattet ihr auch noch so ein Glück :)

    Viel Spaß hier bei uns ;-)


  8. You patted a wallaby!!!! Awwww!!! It´s way too cool!!! And this spot is so freakingly beautiful!!

  9. WALLABYS and WOMBATS?! They almost seemed mythical before this. How adorable!

  10. Love this! In January I was at Cradle Mountain, easily one of the best spots I've ever traveled to! I did the same hike and marvel at all the photos still!

    The Overland Track is definitely on my bucket list!

    I'm so happy to see other people venturing over to Tassie! Aussies (Sydneysiders, go figure) were giving me crap about being excited to visit it. hah.

    Gute Reise back to Germany!

  11. Stunning.

    Have a great time in Germany! How long will you be away for?

    1. Hey Denise, I am going for two weeks "only"! But better than nothing :) Can't wait!!

  12. Bin immer wieder begeistert über die wunderbare Natur, die du sehen und erleben darfst.

    Und ich wünsche dir eine ganz, ganz tolle Zeit in deiner alten Heimat!

    Liebe Grüße!

  13. Ich komm mit auf den Overland Track! Sofort :)

  14. Why oh why didn't I go to Tasmania!?! I'm so jealous you saw a platypus. We waited and waited watching the water at dusk in a special "platypus spot" with no luck!

  15. Wow, voll schön da! Ich fliege nächste Woche auch für längere Zeit nach Australien- und Tasmanien werd ich mir wohl auch noch ansehen:) Echt tolle Bilder!

  16. wow,it's really nice post..thanks for sharing.....


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