Thursday, September 19, 2013

// going home

Tomorrow after work I will be hopping on a 25 hour flight back home to Germany. It is the first time I will be home in 2 years, since I moved to Australia in 2011. At the moment, I feel very anxious as I am way too busy at work, haven't packed yet and have a million things going on. You know how it is! :) I will arrive Saturday just after lunch and will go to see my grandmother in the hospital straight from the airport. Can't wait to give her a big hug, but I am also nervous to see her as she is not doing well. My two weeks at home are planned and mapped out already, spending the first few days with my family in Frankfurt, then going on a roadtrip to Southern Germany and Switzerland to meet friends, back to Frankfurt and off to Hamburg for a wedding and two days with my best friend. I think I will be ready for another week of holiday when I am back to Australia, just to recover from the busy schedule! I cannot wait to see my parents, my family and my friends! Miss them so much!

On the downside, I will not be around here for the next weeks - but I will be posting on instragram, if you like to see what I am up to - I am sure there will be lots of European cuteness, food, mountains, fairytale towns and the occassional coffee picture!! Follow me at lefabuleuxdestin :)

Can't wait to be in good old Germany! *K


  1. Safe travels tomorrow Kristina!

    Hope you have a lovely visit with your friends & family!

  2. Oh wow! Have a fantastic time, it sounds like you deserve a great trip home catching up with family and friends :)

  3. oh wie schööön! dann komm gut her und willkommen zu hause ;-)
    lass es dir gut gehen und genieße deine tage hier!

    allerliebste grüße

  4. Du meine Güte, nimm dir bloß auch mal ein bsischen Auszeit. Das hört sich ganz furchtbar hektisch an, vor allem, wenns da doch um so viele Kopfdinge geht (das erste Mal nach so langer Zeit wieder hier, Großmutter, Freunde, Familie, Heirat...).
    Ich wünsch Dir jedenfalls wunderbare Zeitne und entspannte und glückliche Momente. Und einen kraftvollen Hintern für den Flug. ;)
    LG /inka

  5. Wie schööön! :D
    Ich wünsch dir einen guten und kurzen Flug nach Deutschland und eine tolle Zeit. Falls du mal an den Bodensee kommst (zbsp. Bregenz) und Zeit hast, meld dich doch. Coffee pictures kann ich dir liefern. ;-)

    Liebe Grüße und ich bin gespannt, wohin es dich überall treibt!

  6. Hab eine gute Reise, eine wunderbare Zeit und ganz viele tolle Eindrücke!!! Gute Besserung und alles Gute für Deine Grandma, ich hoffe, es geht ihr bald besser!

  7. I hope you will have safe travels and a great time in Germany! I also hope that your Oma will get better soon!

  8. Ich wünsche dir einen guten Flug. Komm gut an. Und deiner Oma wünsche ich das Beste!

    Liebe Grüße

  9. Enjoy your time home, I'm sure it's going to fly by! I also feel like I always need a holiday after coming back from the states... so many people and things to see and do! Can't wait to follow along on instagram :) xxx

  10. Ich wünsche dir eine tolle Zeit in Deutschland und in der Schweiz. Das werden bestimmt großartige 2 Wochen.


  11. hope you are enjoying being back!

  12. Happy travels Kristina! Enjoy catching up with everyone and all the good food, wine, coffee etc. you'll inevitably have! I know what you mean though, when living o'seas, trips home are so obligation filled (in a good way) you return home exhausted. It's not really a 'holiday' - well, sort of, but not a relaxing one. Have fun! Liz x


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