Tuesday, September 3, 2013

{ august } according to my iphone

{ August is the last official winter month in Australia and the magnolias were already in bloom. Now its September and officially spring - couldnt be happier }

{ With the temperatures going up, I have started to take walks during my lunch break again, rediscovering gems such as jasmine bushes and cute cottages around my workplace }

{ The native flora of Australia is absolutely beautiful - many of the gumtrees are in bloom now }

{ Some streetscape shots during lunch }

{ Love to find a new piece of art and take note of the different patterns and designs around me. Open heart and open mind }

{ We have been on a couple of roadtrips in August, including trips to the ocean for whale watching. My bike (unfortunately not the one shown in the picture) has been out on the first ride of this spring. Can't wait for more sunshine to come! }

August is over - and so is the winter. We have welcomed spring with open arms and have been rewarded, the last few days were full of sunshine and warm days (25 degrees and it feels so good). I have been in quite a funk the last couple of days as my grandmother is in hospital and severly sick. She turned 90 in June and I miss her so much. I will be flying home to Germany in about three weeks (the first time in almost two years) and I hope with all my heart she will be there to give me a big hug. I have been looking forward to that a long time.

So long August, September is here!


  1. Loving your spring photos Kristina!

    Thoughts and well wishes are being sent your grandmother's way (and to you too, of course!)

  2. lovely! i'll have to live vicariously through your photos while we're gear up for belgian winter. lovin your insta feed already!

  3. I adore all the colors and the 'nature' and how it's all 'out and about' - such a beautiful and inspiring post :)

  4. Thinking of you and your family during this tough time. Safe travels!

  5. Stunning photos! So glad summer's on its way to Australia... and South Africa :)

    Will be thinking of you and your Grandma, hope she makes a quick recovery. xxx

  6. I love your view of Melbourne. Love the magnolias. Sending wishes to you and your grandma

  7. Oh gosh, sending best wishes to your grandma and hoping you get to give her that big loving hug in a few weeks.

  8. so sorry to hear about your grandma :(


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