Monday, August 19, 2013

| tasmania | bay of fires

Beautiful Tasmania. In January we took our car, loaded it with camping equipment and took the ferry over from Melbourne to Devenport in the North of Tasmania. From there we started a 10 day camping trip all across the island from Cradle Mountain to the Bay of Fires to Freycinet National Park down to Hobart and Bruny Island.

The Bay of Fires on the Eastern coast is clearly one of my favorite places. We stayed at the small town of St Helens and ventured out to explore the region from there. The Bay of Fires is actually not only single bay, but many little coves and bays. They are famous for the clear blue waters and red-coloured granite rocks. It is such a beautiful sight! The ocean is freeeeezing cold though....

The sand is white, clean and soft. The air is fresh with a slight breeze from the Southern Ocean. The water is clear and blue and green. The rocks are red against the sunshine, shining in contrast to the white beach and blue waters.

It is spectacular!!

Hopefully I get around to share more pictures from Tasmania soon especially from Cradle Mountain where we took a beautiful hike and met the local wombats!



  1. Wow, the Bay of Fire looks gorgeous! I've always wanted to go to Tazmania and hope to do so soon :)

  2. It looks so pretty! And how I long for the days when we can just wear sundresses again (without the tights, boots, cardigans & scarves layered).

  3. Wow, das sieht wieder so toll aus! Ich liebe deinen Blog :) Nach Tasmanien möchte ich auch unbedingt mal. Inwiefern unterscheidet es sich denn da zu Australien? In Neuseeland war ich ja schon öfter, aber wenn ich an Australien denke, habe ich immer Angst vor den giftigen Tieren :D

  4. What a spectacular place this is!! And the possibility of wearing sundresses all day long makes it even better!

  5. Looks so so so beautiful! Jurgen and I are hoping to make a trip to Australia soon, we'll have to remember these places :)


  6. Sooo schön! Irgendwie habe ich Australien immer noch nicht auf meinem Schirm - das sollte ich wohl mal langsam ändern? ;)
    Lg /inka

  7. genau da war ich! So ein wunderbarer Platz... hach!!

  8. Wow, this is absolutely gorgeous! I love the colors of the rocks!

  9. oh my gosh gorgeous photos, i cant believe I still havent been to Tasmania, need to get there soon!

  10. Can't wait to visit Australia someday - this place is gorgeous. So many of my friends from Canada moved there, too!

  11. Einfach wunderwunderschön. Kann mich den Vorrednern hier nur anschließen.



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