Wednesday, July 10, 2013

port douglas, queensland

Finally I find some time to post some pictures from Port Douglas. It has been a while, but I have been so busy at work recently plus I am hit by a bit of a motivation-lack-winter-blues. Looking at the pictures of pretty Northern Queensland helps to make me feel better though!!

Port Douglas is a tropical town about 1 hour North of Cairns. It is a small town, famous for being the a main base for explorations of the Daintree River and Great Barrier Reef. It has a long, palm-fringed beach (7 miles if I remember correctly), a pretty shorefront, a busy Sunday market, Banyan trees, tropical flowers and birds and the most beautiful little white wood church I have ever seen. St Mary's by the sea sits right on the edge of a small beach and boasts stunning view of the ocean. As you can imagine it is booked out as a wedding chapel months in advance!

We walked the beaches, always keeping in mind there might be a crocodile lurking in the bushland. The threat is quite real here in Northern Queensland, so attention should be paid and a visit to the beach at night is a big no-go. We sipped sundowners, ate buckets full of fresh prawns and gazed at the sunset from riverside bars.

We stayed at the nice Port Douglas Retreat just one street away from the main street and in walking distance to the beach and the shorefront. We ate the buckets of prawns at On the Inlet. And we drank frest fruit and sugarcane juice on the Sunday Market.

I am missing the sunshine and the 27 degrees of Northern Queensland - we had 2 degrees in Melbourne this morning! Freeeezing!!! *Kristina


  1. Das sieht traumhaft aus! Ich wusste übrigens gar nicht, dass es in Melbourne im Winter 2°C sein können, so kalt wird es in Auckland im Winter gar nicht. Und in Australien ist es ja eigentlich wärmer, als in Neuseeland :)

  2. Gorgeous photos! And omg major yummmm for the fresh prawns!

  3. wooowww! deine fotos sind richtig toll!! ich hab jetzt das mega fernweh! :D
    hab eine schöne zeit!

  4. Oh my goodness, what a beautiful place and those fresh prawns look scrumptious. Have a cozy day, lovely.

  5. looks stunning!

    sydney hasn't been quite as chilly as melbourne but i wouldn't say no to sitting on a beach and eating buckets of prawns right now!

  6. Wow these photos are really great too! Looks perfect! XO

  7. I love how colorful this place is!!! so much fun to look at!!!

  8. i love the colorful building, palm trees and just everything about this place. it reminds me a little of maui.. a place that me and my husband loved!

  9. This is making me want to RUN to the airport and get the next flight north!! Love the spider shot, too ;)

  10. Oh these beautiful photos are bringing back memories of the months that we lived in Port Douglas when I was a child. The church still looks exactly the same! And the markets. I look forward to returning again one day with my husband. So great seeing Australia through your eyes.


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