Thursday, June 20, 2013

magical times at the great barrier reef

Last week we took a short timeout from Melbourne and took a plane to the far North of Australia - Northern Queensland. After a 3 hour flight we arrived in Cairns and were greeted with 27 degree, sunshine, humidity and the relaxed vibe of a tropical destination. We hopped in the rental car and off we were to Port Douglas, a friendly resort town about 45 minutes up the coast.

From there we explored the region - tropical rainforest, gorges and huge fig trees. Croc infested rivers and beaches. Sleepy country towns.

And - the Great Barrier Reef!

Everybody visiting the far North has one common goal - dive or snorkel in the clear waters of the outer reefs, about 2 hours offshore, one of the best parts of the Great Barrier Reef as mostly untouched.

This fun doesn't come cheap, but it is really worth spending the 210 A$ (per person that is). After several recommendations, we decided to go with the operator Poseidon - a family owned Port Douglas based business. The boat is rather small (max 80 pax), compared for example for operator Quicksilver which transports up to 400 people to built platoons in the reef. Crazy and definitely not my type of adventure. And no, I was not paid for this opinion! :)

Don't laugh - I might be the worlds most useless snorkeler! I look like a giant frog hanging on to my swim noodle! 
And this is one of the better pictures, believe me!!

We stopped at three different sites - the time on the boat was spend eating, organizing equipment and a intro to the underwater world of the Great Barrier Reef by a marine biologist. Once in the water we had a magical time - the corals are beautiful, many small to midsized fish around. The highlight was definitely snorkeling alongside a beautiful turtle - I still can't believe we were lucky to have "her" all to ourselves for at least 10 minutes. Such a beautiful animal, one of my favorites.

This might be one of my favorite shots of all time!

The Great Barrier Reef is also home to dwarf minke whales and the operator Poseidon is the only one to have a license to allow tourist to snorkel with whales. And guess what? We got lucky!!!

There were whales in the water, curiously circling around the boat! So we all hopped in, held on to a rope that was put in the water (nobody is allowed to leave the rope and swim off by themselves) and watched as this peaceful and so stunningly beautiful minke whale circled around us.

Thank you Australia for this unforgettable and irresistible moments.
I love you more to bits every single day!!

Everybody who comes to Australia should take the time to go and see the wonders of the reef!

I promise, you won't be disappointed.


  1. your photos are so cool!

    what sort of camera did you use?

  2. Wow, wow, wow!

    I don't snorkel very often - I really don't like having the fish near me - and I think I would have been terrified of the whales but that turtle... how amazing is that?

  3. Whoa what a wonderful experience and beautiful sea creatures!! Beautiful pictures as always :)

  4. Wow, these images are beautiful! It has been awhile since I visited the Great Barrier Reef ... I should drag my husband up there for a small holiday :)

  5. Ganz tolle Bilder.
    Und was für ein Glück mit dem Wal :-)


  6. How incredible!
    Looks so wonderful.
    I went to the GBR years ago when I was 12. Would love to go back one day.

  7. So incredible!
    I haven't been in years. These photos make me wanna go back :)

  8. Was soll ich dazu sagen? Hammerbilder. Die habe ich z.T. ja schon bei instagram bewundert. Ja, Australien kann man einfach nur lieben und wenn ich Deine Bilder sehe bekomme ich fast immer ein bisschen Heimweh. 10 Jahre war ich nicht mehr dort :(. Liebe Grüße, Nadine

  9. wow - these pictures are beautiful, amazing memories! Looks like a fantastic experience.

  10. Amazing! I cannot wait to swim among the Great Barrier Reef one day... beautiful!

  11. Liebe Kristina, das ist wundervoll und die Fotos sind einfach nur super! Mich würde auch wundernehmen, welche Kamera Du hast? Ich konnte letztes Jahr beim Ningaloo Reef im Westen schnorcheln, aber ganz so brilliant bunt wurden die Fotos nicht... Liebe Grüsse, Miuh

  12. AMAZING!

    I love your underwater photos!

  13. Liebe Krisina, menno bin ich neidisch! :-)unser grösster Wunsch war es, eine Turtle zu sehen - hat leider nicht geklappt. Im Dezember verreisen wir auf die Malediven, hoffentlich haben wir dort mehr Glück. :-) Deine Fotos sind wunderschön! Vielen Dank für diese tollen Eindrücke. Liebe Grüsse

  14. Wahnsinn. Das muss ein wunderbares Erlebnis gewesen sein. Direkt neben einer Schildkröte. Ich bin begeistert.

    Liebe Grüße aus Bayern

    Und bitte mehr von dem wunderschönen Land!

  15. These images are so, so beautiful. I am so stupid for not having explored ANYTHING of Australia yet.

  16. incredible shots! i actually am terrified of the underwater, but these images are really beautiful!

  17. Those underwater images are stunning! What kind of camera were you using! They look ethereal!

  18. Ich flipp aus! Wie toll sind denn diese Bilder, bitte?! Ob ich sowas in der Ruhr hinbekomme?! ;)

    Vor allem das Bild Nummero 6 finde ich unglaublich. Das würde ich mir übers Bett hängen. Also wenn ICH drauf wäre. Und wenn ich schönere Beine hätte ;)

  19. Aaah this looks so wonderful, now I want to go there now!!



  20. Kristina! These photos are AMAZING!! SEriously, the ones of you guys and the turtle are incredible:) I'm so glad you found my blog...can't wait to follow yours and get to know you better! Love Katie

  21. WOOOOW!
    Einfach nur toll! :D

    Liebe Grüße

  22. Wow. Ich bin ein bißchen neidisch um dieses unglaubliche Erlebnis... ein Traum.

    Herzlich, Katja

  23. these are some seriously beautiful photographs! the ocean and it's inhabitants are so surreal.

  24. WOW, seams to be the heaven on earth!!!!The lost paradise...
    Enjoy the time you can spend there or is it the "harbor" where you want to stay forever?
    Joanna MAria


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