Monday, May 6, 2013

| western australia | the green pool

I am still going through all my pictures of Western Australia to write about places I loved the most during my trip with my parents and today I would like to show you my favorite beach of the many beautiful beaches we passed - the Green Pool near Denmark.

Denmark is a small town at the Southern coast of Western Australia, about 450km to the south-east of Perth. When you drive to Denmark from the Margarete River region, you pass through amazing stretches of marri, karri and red tingle forest. The eucalypts are stunningly beautiful and the drive was spectacular. We stayed 3 nights in Denmark, mainly hanging out at the beautiful beaches that surround the town - our favorite being the Green Pool and Elephants Rock

The water has the most beautiful colour, but - don't be fooled - it is really cold!! Such a pity as I dread cold water... Instead I tucked my toes in the warm sand, took walks along the beach, climbed on rocks and took long afternoon naps.... Take me back, pretty please!!

This morning we only had 5.5 degree - my walk to the office left me with freezing hands and hurting ears. I think it is time to get the winter clothes out!! With this coldish weather I dream even more about summer and days spent on the beach!!

On a different note, head over to Miller Memoires and check out my guest blog about careers in travel - I share some insights to what I do professionally and how it helped me to move abroad for work! Enjoy - and do take some time to roam through Laurens blog, her travels in Taiwan are amazing!! Happy Monday, *K


  1. Ah, I'm so sad that I won't make it to Western Australia this time. That's the place I was most looking forward to seeing!

    Loved your interview on your career. I was always curious about it. I guess I should have just asked!

  2. I had to read that twice - green pools near Denmark.

    The water is so crystal clear - too bad it's so cold. I'm with you, I can barely dip my toes in when the water is cold!

  3. Absolutely stunning images Kristina! Fantastic post, Heather xx

  4. Ich glaube, ich wiederhole mich. Aber das ist traumhaft schön.

    Sehr interessant finde ich auch deinen Beitrag als Gastblogger. Immer wieder schade, dass ich nicht den Job habe mit dem man ins Ausland geht. Für einige Zeit wäre es eine Erfahrung, die ich gerne gemacht hätte.

  5. Wow this looks so beautiful! Australia is right on top of my bucket list <3


  6. That water looks heavenly! You're definitely making the most of living in Australia!

  7. i think your photos could make visiting a garbage dump look beautiful and like fun!

  8. I love your photos! Like you, I'm out of my element--I'm an American living in Italy with my family!


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