Tuesday, May 14, 2013

upcoming travels - sri lanka

After lengthy discussions, internet research and more discussions, we finally decided where our travels will take us next summer (as in December)!! We have always been much more relaxed when it comes to deciding where we should go, as there is normally a favorite destination waiting to be explored.

This time it was different - we have to take our 3 week vacation (out of 4 weeks annual leave) over Christmas as both our offices close during that time (summer holidays in Australia plus Christmas means less work / business). That is the time when everybody in Australia is on leave, so you can image flight prices to be incredibly high....

We had Hawaii on the agenda (too expensive), Indonesia (rain season in December), Japan (its winter over there), Nepal (also too cold), South America (too expensive). So all our favorites didn't work.
We finally pulled a map and looked for anything "close" to Australia where we would find beaches, culture, good food, wildlife. And hey, there it was - Sri Lanka!! After a bit more research we liked what we saw and it was set - Sri Lanka it was!! Flights were booked and we are ready to go. If only we didnt have to wait for 7 more months.............

So in the meantime I am getting excited about surf beaches, train rides along tea plantations, wild elephants in national parks and yummy curries!

Have you been to Sri Lanka? Do you know anybody who has and who has shared their pictures on the world wide web? Please let me know!!

Where are you heading next? Any exciting plans? *K


  1. Fun! Sri Lanka sounds amazing! I would love to get over there someday. Can't wait to hear about your adventures.

  2. Ich war in Sri Lanka. Ist allerdings schon ein paar Jährchen her und somit habe ich nur analoge Fotos. Nehmt Euch am Besten einen Fahrer plus Auto. So erkundet man am Besten die ganze Insel. Galle ist sehr schön (jedenfalls war es das vor dem Tsunami). Sigiriya ist Pflicht. Und auch hochkletten ;). Und die Hochebenen mit dem Teeplantagen. Dri Lanka ist sehr schön, die Strände sind allerdings nicht so der Burner. Da gibt es Schönere in Australien. Liebe Grüße, Nadine

  3. Sri Lanka muss traumhaft schön sein:)

  4. I have a friends that live in Bangladesh and they go to Sri Lanka on vacation. Here is the link to his photoblog. http://marlandphotos.com/ I'm sure if you need some ideas or have questions he would be very happy to answer them.

  5. Klingt toll, bin schon auf die Fotos gespannt! ;)

  6. whoa i can't WAIT for these photos!!! i think it was a good choice :) i'm going to milan in a few weeks for a solo trip, for some shopping and picture taking. i'm so excited. its in the midst of a busy busy summer so i can't wait. then to tokyo in october! yeah! not sure where else in between then :)

  7. Tallalah Resort. Surf & yoga :)

  8. When you go to Lanka make sure you do a bus trip up to Nuwera eliya. The multiple hairpin bend road is amazing. Also, adam's peak and batticaloa for some amazing seafood


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