Friday, May 17, 2013

roadtripping // bendigo, victoria

Everybody loves a good roadtrip, right? Well at least we do! And sometimes time out of the big city is very much needed. Thankfully, Victoria offers beautiful country towns close to the big smoke. So you are never far away from a day spent outside of town.

A couple of weekends ago we hopped in our car, coffee (to go) ready, guidebook in hand, eager for exploring. We drove 90 minutes to the North, reaching Bendigo just in time for a nice, sunny afternoon stroll around town. Bendigo is actually one of the largest towns in Victoria and has been an important boom town after gold was disvocered during the 1850s. The architecture is fantastic, there are still many gold-aera buildings like the former Post Office or the Shamrock Hotel.

You find the pretty Rosalind Park just next to the city centre - here you can climb the lookout tower to have a great view over Bendigo! I especially loved the conservatory - filled with amazing flowers and colours!
You also find hundreds of bats in the trees of the Rosalind Park - I have never seen anything like this and we were pretty mesmerized and (at the same time) horrified. They were loud. And smelly. But somehow cool. I have seen many bats flying around Melbourne when the sun sets, but I have never seen so many of them, in trees, during daylight.

We checked out the Chinese quarter and museum (Bendigo has a strong Chinese heritage as many of the gold diggers where Chinese), but I loved the secondhand bookstore we found along the way the most. Check out this place filled with books. A dream come true!!

As for the food we had a burger at our favorite burger joint - Grill'd Burger! Yum - "Simon Says" (thats the name of the burger btw) is my all time favorite!

However, we actually missed the most famous sights of Bendigo that day: the Bendigo Art Gallery, Bendigo Pottery and the Central Deborah Gold Mine.

Well, just another reason to return!! Right? Right! *K


  1. I have never been to Bendigo and it doesn't look at all how I imagined it. Lovely photos as always and I would LOVE to visit that bookstore - sigh!

    Have a great weekend :)

  2. Love bendigo, I have some family there and it is easy going with lots of Aussie history! Lovely pics

  3. Beautiful images Kristina, looks like you had a wonderful day!

  4. Beautiful pics! And the bats are so gross. So so gross xx

  5. What an interesting little town! It's looks simply gorgeous! I love all the old buildings!

  6. Bendigo sieht sehr nett aus. Doch am meisten faszinieren mich die Fledermäuse. So viele und das am Tag.

  7. Oh boy, look at all those bats. How incredible! It looks like a wonderful town, sweetie. Kisses

  8. I LOVE a great road trip!

    The architecture surprises me a bit and it's really quite pretty and almost has a European feel!

    We had bats like that in Gabon. Sunset was crazy as they'd all leave the trees and fly around erratically. I'm terrified of them so it certainly wasn't something I'd stick around and watch!


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