Saturday, May 11, 2013

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  The city of Melbourne is a big puzzle of different suburbs - west, east, north of the river, south of river. All of them have a quite distinct feel and atmosphere, some grungy, some posh, some modern, some maritime. We have Little Vietnam, Chinatown, Middle East and Little Italy. I love that about Melbourne - every weekend you can go out and explore another part of the city! So I made a personal goal to visit (and shoot) as many suburbs as possible during my stay here in Melbourne and share them with you! Hope you like to explore a bit more of the "local" Melbourne through my viewfinder :)

Today on the list is Fitzroy.

Wikipedia tells me that Fitzroy is located 2km in the north-east of the CBD. Its one of the oldest but also smallest suburbs of Melbourne. It used to be really industrial, but most of the old factories and warehouses have been demolished for new housing. Fitzroys heart and soul is certainly Brunswick Street which is a long strip of cafes, quirky shops, pubs and street art. 

I love to spent an afternoon strolling down Brunswick Street, having coffee in the sunshine. On Nicholson Street you find great furniture shops like Great Dane. On Gertrude Street and Smith Street you find more lovely shops and more pubs as you can count.

And then there is the street art. If you love street art as much as I do, it will be the perfect place to spend an afternoon roaming the many backstreets and laneways of Brunswick Street and discover many hidden gems.

Fitzroy is very close to the city, so you can either walk or take the tram to get there. For me the area is so quintessential Melbourne - good coffee, great local products and shops, streetart galore and always something to explore and discover.

Whats your favorite neighborhood in your town, and why?
Have a great weekend, Kristina

Here are other suburbs I already covered: South Melbourne and Richmond


  1. Wow - so much fantastic street art. I love that about former industrial areas... they always seem to have art in abundance!

  2. Beautiful photos - I love/miss Melbourne!

    Have a lovely weekend :)

  3. Wow, einfach nur genial!
    Zeigt wieder einmal, dass man einfach nur mal die Nachbarschaft erkunden sollte. :-)
    Danke für die tollen Bilder (die Grafittis sind ja unglaublich schön)!

    Liebe Grüße

  4. Straßenkunst ... das kann hier bei deinen Bildern man wörtlich nehmen.

  5. These are great Kristina - VERY fitzroy! Particularly love the black VW beetle x

  6. Such fantastic shots!!!!! I'm such a fan of street art.

  7. My old neighborhood! I used to love walking home form work and seeing all the art. I miss it. Love this post.

  8. Nice shots. Thanks for visiting my blog, so that I could discover yours! Looking forward to seeing future posts :)
    from claire.


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