Monday, April 8, 2013

roaming finders keepers market

On Saturday it was not only my birthday, but also Finders Keepers market time in Melbourne! Perfect combination! (oh and the sun was shining and I was eating large amounts of cake - perfect day really).

Finders Keepers is an independent design and art market which has been found in Sydney to support new and emerging independent design. We are lucky enough that they expanded to Melbourne last year and we now have bi-yearly markets held in the beautiful Royal Exhibition Building in Carlton.

There are so many beautiful things. So many. Quite overwhelming to be honest.
Here is a list of all the stallholders. I especially loved the ceramics by Kim Wallace and Bridget Bodenham, necklaces by Emily Green, handcrafted pieces by Stampel and basically everything from Abby Seymore (especially this necklace here).

Besides shopping there is live music and lots & lots to eat and drink as well. Perfect to spent a whole afternoon! Frankie, one of my all time fav magazines, had a vintage stall as well - featuring one of the cutest vintage caravans I have ever seen! Made me want to have a cute little caravan - one day!

Such a nice way to spent the afternoon of my birthday, completed with yummy cake in the sunshine!

Did you ever visit one of those independent art and design markets? I heard they are becoming more and more popular everywhere. Happy Monday! *K


  1. We were there! and it was lovely :) I have always wanted to visit Finders Keepers and was lucky that it happened to be on when we happened to be visiting Melbourne as I seem to keep missing it in Sydney.

    Happy birthday!

  2. There are so many markets in Melbourne - I wish we had something similar here but I haven't seen any yet. It's the perfect way to spend a Saturday or Sunday!

  3. I'm off to them when they come to Sydney! Gorgeous photos, and hopefully I will have as much fun as you did :)

  4. I've heard about Finders Keepers and the market looks so amazing.
    In Jakarta we also have this pop up and temporary market called Brightspot Market.

    It's always a joy to watch those independent entrepreneur grows. Beautiful pictures as always, thank you for sharing! :)

  5. What a gorgeous looking event. And the building is totally stunning. x

  6. looks like an awesome market! love those cactus

  7. Erstmal nachtr├Ąglich Happy Birthday! :)) I love such markets and hubby would have to drag me out of this one screaming!

  8. There's a market in Boston from May-Oct every year with tons of independent designers - I can't wait for it to open for the season!

  9. Happy Birthday for Saturday, sounds like you had a wonderful day! I haven't been to one yet but would love to get to a finders keepers style market.

  10. What a fantastic event and a wonderful birthday:) Happy Birthday lovely:) Glad that you had a great day. Muah

  11. OK that is my kind of place!!! We have a "funky-junk" show in September, but this is like funky-junk on steroids! What a great way to spend a B Day!


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