Friday, April 5, 2013

{ march } according to my iphone

{ The weather in March has been amazing all around - we had plenty of hot and sunny days! If I remember correctly it was one of the hottest March in history. I loved it. Summer can't end late enough }

{ The bright colours of native flowers makes my heart jump. So many flowers and plants we do not have back home! We celebrated a milestone at work with the opening of a new concept store. So much work, but it looks great and everybody loves it!! }

{ I went on many evening walks around my neighborhood, exploring small backstreets, laneways as well as Chapel Street, one of the most popular shopping streets in the city. Loved the red tiles and the shopwindow of Marimekko }

{ One of my new favorite Thai places - actually returning there tomorrow for my birthday dinner. The food is delicious, budget friendly and the decor is right up my alley. I also went to a vintage market and found this coat, but ended up not buying it (and regretting it now) }

{ More street art spotting down Aerosol Alley in Windsor and a very simply, but delicious breakfast }

{ Everybody who loves surfing is driving down to Bells Beach over Easter to see the Rip Curl Pro competition. We saw the womens final and enjoyed a day at the beach with sunshine, drinks and great surfing action }

Also in March I loved:

this song // these cushions and those as well  // this restaurant // this restaurant // this jacket (got it at the sample sale) // this house // these paintings  // those pictures // this destination // looking forward to staying here in June 

What did you love in February? Tell me! *K


  1. How ironic, we have had one of the worst Marches on record! We had snow yesterday...

  2. Weather extremes seem to correspond from one half of the globe to the other - we had the second coldest March on record. At least it's not just freak weather "up North" then...I'm still shivering, by the way, it's bitter out there!
    ♥nic in far away Scotland

  3. Aaaaaaah kreisch....das glaub ich jetzt nicht!!! Genau in dem Resort in Port Douglas hab ich als Zimmermädchen während meiner working holiday Zeit gearbeitet. Hahaha....die Welt ist sooooo ein Dorf. Und ich beneide Dich ja sowas von. Ich liebe Port Douglas.

  4. Sounds amazing! I would love to go, but sadly missed the last on in Sydney! All the colours and prettiness, looks like such a great event.


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