Monday, April 22, 2013

dandenong ranges // a walk among giants

I love the fact that nature, bush and wilderness is never far away in Australia. Even if you live fairly close to the city as we do, you only have to drive 40 km to the East and you can find towering trees, cool valleys and lush ferntrees. I love the Dandenong Ranges as they remind me of German forests. I used to spent hours walking through my hometowns forest and I miss the light, atmosphere and calming effect the forest has on me.

For sure, the forest here in Australia are different to the ones in Germany. The Dandenongs are famous for their Mountain Ash trees - they grow up to 115 meters and are huge!! Also the forest itself smells very different than a German forest as there are no pine trees, but mostly gum trees. The  native trees also do not lose their leaves in autumn, they actually lose their bark - which comes dropping down in long strips which cover the forest floor. I also can't rememeber that we have cockatoos and rosella birds flying among the trees in Germany... This makes a visit extra special.

We stopped at the Grant picnic ground as it is a nice venture point into the the Sherbrooke forest. They have several marked walking trails starting from behind the visitor centre - suitable for all conditions and really easy. Another fun thing to do at the picnic ground is to buy some bird seeds and feed the local cockatoos, rosellas and galahs - pictures coming soon!

After all those stories of sorrow, hate and pain coming through in the news for the last couple of days it was a nice afternoon spent in nature to clear the mind and thoughts. I have also started with yoga again which helps me to find balance after a busy week at work. It feels good!

Hope you had a nice weekend, happy Monday! *K

PS: another post about the Dandenongs - from this time last year!


  1. Truely stunning images Kristina. My Grandfather lives near the Dandenong Ranges and your photos remind me of him. Thanks for sharing them. Sending you loads of bliss, Heather xx

  2. Dreamy pictures! You captured the nature wonderfully :)

  3. Wow richtig tolle Fotos! Erinnert mich sehr an die Wälder in Neuseeland!

    Cotton Candy Stories

  4. Wunderschön. Die australischen Wälder sind definitiv anders als die deutschen. Diese riesigen Farne erinnern mich auch an NZ. Liebe Grüße, Nadine

  5. Wow, das sind wunderschöne Fotos! Ich liebe Wald, Du hast das Licht so toll eingefangen. Und ja, Waldspaziergänge lassen vieles viel weiter weg erscheinen, was meistens gut ist.
    LG /inka

  6. Kristina! This forest and these images are magical! Woah.. that lighting, those leaves, all of it! Thank you so much for sharing... canNOT wait to visit Australia!!

  7. wie schön!!! ich bekomme schon
    wieder fernweh.
    herzliche grüße aus hamburg,

  8. Hach. Ich liebe, liebe, liebe solche riesigen Wälder. Die Bilder sind wirklich wunderschön.

    Liebe Grüße

  9. Das sind TRAUMHAFTE Bilder! Sie saugen einen praktisch ein. Ganz, ganz toll!

  10. wow- your photos are just stunning!

  11. these are like, epic photos....

  12. Yes!!! The nature is incredible here. It's wonderful to live in a ciy but still surrounded by beautiful wilderness everywhere.
    You captured it very well!

  13. You captured the forest so beautifully, sweetie. Love and have a great Monday too. xo


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