Monday, March 18, 2013

treasure hunt // vintage sale at the como house

On Sunday morning I went out for a walk in the rain (yes, the cold and rain has finally arrived in Melbourne - after weeks of intense heat it was pure bliss) and I happen to walk past the Como House in South Yarra. I always wanted to visit and have a look at the impressive mansion (built in 1847, now under the custodianship of the National Trust of Australia). It is set in a beautiful park overlooking the Yarra river. I was more than happy to read a big sign at its entrance promoting a Vintage Sale that was hosted in the Great Ballroom, accessible by gold-coin donation. Vintage clothing and fabric all set-up in a stuning location - I was sold.

So I headed up through the park and quickly escaped on to the beautiful deck before heading inside. Inside two of the main rooms had been set-up for the sale featuring vintage dresses, hats, accessories, shoes and fabrics. I loved the way the vintage pieces blended in the lovely decor of the room with its golden mirrors and chandeliers.

I tried on this red beauty; I loved the colour and the wooly texture of the coat! It was a bit big though and with a heay heart I decided to leave it there - also thinking about the upcoming sample sale we are having at the office later this week (enough money will be spent!!).
The perks of working in the fashion business!! :)


It was a great start into my lazy Sunday! Loved the house and had a fun time taking pictures.
How was your weekend? Any adventures? *K


  1. that looks. so. awesome! and sample sale later? let us know what you score :)

  2. Wow, the house looks amazing! I'm sure it's fun to go there!

  3. wow, what a beautiful place! this sounds so much fun.

  4. Eeehhh.. wow?!?!
    Ich will auch sowas!! :D Ich bin mir nicht mal sicher, ob es solche Aktionen bei uns überhaupt gibt (und wenn, bekomm ich wieder mal nix mit), aber meine Güte, da würde ich ja nur gerne hingehen, weil es so genial aussieht. ^_^
    Der rote Mantel sieht schick aus - jetzt bin ich aber gespannt was du dir demnächst noch alles "ershoppen" wirst. ;-)

    Liebe Grüße

  5. I love that coat. The colour is beautiful and the whole place looks awesome. Wish you a cozy day, lovely.

  6. I used to live just around the corner and walked past the house as I used to work out at comopark! Love the pics of victoria!

  7. Very impressed you managed to put that red beauty back. I didn't even realise that you work in fashion - which company do you work for?
    Ronnie xo


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