Thursday, March 28, 2013

kaola spotting on cape otway

As promised here we go with some pictures of the cuddly, furry and friendly koala bears we spotted while staing at Cape Otway the other weekend - that long weekend we decided to go on a roadtrip along the Great Ocean Road again. We stayed on the beautiful campground Bimbi Park, which is set in the midst of Cape Otway in a lovely bush setting.

The campground uses the catchy claim "sleep under koalas" - which I thought to be probably exaggerated. I knew that there are many koalas on Cape Otway, but at the campground? No way! I was proven wrong - there was a kaola in the tree next to our tent, there were koalas walking in the grass to climb the next tree and the closer I looked, the more koalas I saw.

Have you ever heard the noise kaolas do? I can't even descibe it - a deep, roaring sound, quite scary actually! Nothing like you would expect to come out of the mouth of those cuties! Haha!
Well this fact makes this whole "camp under koalas" a noisy experience at last - we were woken up a couple of times during the night by those strande sounds (and possums hissing next to tent)!

We took a nice walk through a forest of gum trees and explored a bit of the rugged coast at the Cape. It was wild that day, waves crashing in and wind blowing. Raw and beautiful.


With Easter around the corner, I will be mostly offline the next couple of days. Follow me on instragram (lefabuleuxdestin) as I will be going to the Rip Curl Pro at Bells Beach tomorrow. Also remember that with Google Reader soon to be gone, you can also follow my blog on Bloglovin.
Happy Easter!! *K


  1. So many koalas! I wish I had my zoom lens with me when we were in Cape Otway. It's hard to see them in my photos.

    We had a koala in our backyard in Adelaide. The sound it made was so crazy. Definitely not what you'd expect. I'd always get freaked out in the middle of the night because I could hear the bushes rustling and the koala "talking" ..!

  2. Such beautiful photos Kristina! It is so amazing to see Koalas living like that in their natural habitat, even as an Aussie girl myself. Heather xx
    P.S. Rip curl pro!!!!!! Now I am the jealous one, enjoy

  3. Nice pics! I Love Koalas, they're so cute! Ich hätte so gerne einen mit nach Hause genommen... :-)
    LG sabrina

  4. Oh, ich glaube ich habe noch nie einen Koala am Boden gesehen ;-)
    Einfach knuffig.
    Und auch so tolle Bilder.


  5. Hi Kristina,
    Love your koala pics they are so cute but like you say oh so noisy I remember waking up to one in our yard thinking there was a grizzly bear outside!!
    Have a lovely ester and thank-you for the lovely comments on my blog.

  6. Wow - definitely a lot of koalas. Cool to be able to be so close to them!

    Have a happy Easter Kristina!

  7. Ohgott wie süß. Und das direkt neben dem Zelt, was für ein Traum. :)
    Und nein, ich dachte, die machen gar keine Geräusche. Muss ich gleich mal im Internet stöbern...
    LG /inka

  8. Aw I love the Koalas! My bf actually calls me a koala because of this

  9. Was für süße Tiere! Der Zeltplatz klingt auch echt interessant, obwohl es natürlich ein Nachteil ist nachts von den Koalas geweckt zu werden ;)

  10. Haha, wie toll! :D
    Obwohl die "lautstarken" Koalas sicherlich nicht für den perfekten Schlaf sorgen, würde ich es doch genial finden, sie als Zeltnachbarn zu haben.
    Die Ohren und die Nase sind ja auch zu süß. ^__^

    Liebe Grüße

  11. stunning photos! those koalas look so soft!!

  12. Oh, Kristina.. this looks like my dream come true! I need to go here asap, how lucky of you :)

  13. wunderbar, sehr schön <3

    allerliebste grüße,

  14. oh wow! I just found your Blog via Frau Hölle so I think you might be from Germany. :-)
    I just added you to my Travelblog Roll. <3


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