Friday, March 8, 2013

{ february} according to my iPhone

{ I have started to go on lunchtime and evening walks again, the weather has been fantastic and after sitting at my desk the whole day in the office, I NEED to move}

{ The sunsets have been breathtaking - the sky turns into a canvas of purple, pink, blue and red. I love the evening light of late summer. Also we have been after-work surfing a couple of times, I LOVE it! Makes me day!}

{ We visited the White Night in Melbourne. Wonderful event with art and light installation, all-night dancing and buskers. My type of night. The last month of summer spoilt us with many sunny and warm days. Flowers are still in bloom. }

{ We spent many of our weekends at the coast, soaking up the sunshine, feeling the sand between our toes and celebrating summer with icecream. I also had dinner at the newly opened Sally Saigon in Prahran and loved it! So good }

{ I love the street art in Melbourne. And the fact that you can find it anywhere if you keep your eyes open. Makes exploring much more fun.}

Also in February I loved:

this song // and this song // this cafe // this restaurant // looking forward to this movie // this skirt // this weekend escape // this pop up posy store // this festival // those pictures // this destination // this flight I have booked

What did you love in February? Tell me! *K


  1. All your photos make me want to discover Melbourne for the first time again! Great to see it through your eyes. Loving the warm nights as well, such a nice end to a day of work.

  2. i certainly didnt do anything like that in february. but i do love your blog. maybe someday i will have something similar =)

  3. love these pictures! what gorgeous scenery you have

  4. gorgeous photos, especially the sunset :)

  5. great photos! love all the street art! Glad you left a comment, now I can nosy on your blog!


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