Friday, February 15, 2013

| western australia | meelup beach

One of my most favorite places in Western Australia was Meelup Beach, a secluded and sheltered bay at Cape Naturaliste. The water is crystal clear and blue and green. The rocks are red and start to radiate when then sun sets. My parents and I spent lazy afternoons at Meelup Beach, relaxing, swimming, exploring. Loved it! For lunch head over to the Eagle Bay Brewery. Perfect place!

Take me back please!



  1. Love looking at your holiday images! They're so bright!

  2. Das toppt meine Zechenbilder aber locker!

    Huch. Habe ich das wirklich gesagt?! Liebes Ruhrgebiet, entschuldige! Ich hatte einen schwachen Moment...


  3. Diese Farben sind der Wahnsinn. Das Meer auch und die Landschaft drumherum. Genial.

    Liebe Grüße aus der immer noch Kälte

  4. Eeeekk! Bist du das auf dem Foto?!? Wie toll - endlich sieht man dich mal. :D
    Wie immer so unglaublich schöne Bilder vom Strand und bei uns noch immer Schnee, Schnee, Schnee. Wenigstens Sonnenschein haben wir heute.

    Liebe Grüße

  5. i've never considered myself a beach person but more and more lately i've been drawn to it - must be all the beautiful pics I'm seeing lately! So jealous that this is the weather you are enjoying right's -14c today in Toronto!!

  6. wow what gorgeous photos! i've always wanted to go to australia, and really hoping I get the chance to! those rocks on the beach are just awesome! looks like a good time! :) check out my new-ish travel blog- I would really appreciate it!

    not studying abroad is actually one of my top 3 travel regrets of all time... ehhhh!!! wish that wasn't the case because australia looks so amazing!

  7. The beach looks really nice and you captured them beautifully as always!


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