Friday, February 1, 2013

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Just noticed that I am a bit late for my weekly recap from last week - as this week is almost over already as well!! Time is flying! Hello February! Bring us sunshine and warm days! January said goodbye with a huge storm yesterday - dark sky, rain pouring down and wind making a mess on my balcony... I don't want summer to go! Ever!

Anyway, last week we visited the Australian Open - only with a general admission ticket though! As it was already the second week of the tournament (as tennis insiders have told me afterwards- the amount of games is already quite low during the second week), we arrived after work only to realize that almost all games on the outside courts have been played already for the day. It was deserted!! So annoying! Best lesson how to spent pointless 80 AUD on a Tuesday night ever!

It was also Australia day weekend, which we celebrated with a stroll along the Yarra river, a BBQ and a trip to the beach for some more sunsoaking and surfing! Three day weekends are the best and should be the norm! Right?

What are your plans for the upcoming weekend? Anything special? Enjoy!! *K


  1. That's to bad about the Aus Open - I suppose you know for next time now!

    We're off to Oslo tonight! Excited for a change in scenery!

  2. dein blog ist toll!!!
    gefällt mir richtig gut!
    und jaaa..."the perks of being a wallflower" solltest du unbedingt lesen! es ist grandios. ich will den film auch endlich mal sehn. wenn er als dvd rauskommt, damit ich ihn im original sehen kann.
    wundertolles wochenende dir!


  3. Australian open and Australian day :) What a great week you had!

  4. love it! your blog and the pictures have inspired me to apply for another internship in Melbourne. Fingers crossed


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