Tuesday, February 12, 2013

summer days: exploring barwon heads

Oh summer. Don't ever go away. With February being the last official summer month in Australia my heart starts to feel a bit heavier these days. I am soaking it all up!

Last weekend we got up bright + early and drove down to Torquay for surfing once more. The waves were beautiful when we got there - green, long and powerful. A bit high for me though, I have too admit that I am still a bit horrified about high walls of water moving towards me. Haha! Not the best fear to have if you want to learn surfing I guess...

After surfing we decided to head towards the Bellarine Peninsula and check out some new beginners surf beaches near Ocean Grove. We ended up having lunch in Barwon Heads, a super cute seaside town with many great restaurants, cafes and cute shops. We had some vegetarian frittata and a cheese platter at Annies Provedore. S-o good! As the nearby beaches looked great, we will for sure come back to explore some more.

Did you get to explore a new (or familiar) place this pas weekend? *K

Oh and please check out a short guestpost I wrote about the laneways in Melbourne on iPhoneography OZ. I love the street art here so much! Click here!


  1. We went to the beach as well although we were wearing parkas and hats!

  2. Wunderbare Bilder! Ich kann die weiche Luft riechen...wunderschön!

  3. *__* Ja, da verstehe ich dich voll und ganz. Wenn man langsam merkt, dass die warme Zeit vorüber geht, werde ich ganz traurig. Wenn ich jetzt nach draußen sehe, starren mich weiße Schneeberge an und ich kann es kaum erwarten, bis endlich wieder Sommer ist.

    Liebe Grüße


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