Tuesday, February 19, 2013

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I realized that I never gave much thought to what I eat and how I treat my body. Which is a shame, really. Because, hey, I only have this one!! For sure, I would consider myself to be a fairly healthy eater. I rarely eat fast food, almost never drink soft drinks, I stopped smoking years ago, my alcohol consumption is much less than it used to be, I regularly go to the gym. I do love chocolate, cupcakes and muffins; I drink several coffees per day and could never live without bred, cheese and cereals.

Since I did my week-long detox of meat, dairy, gluten, sugar and caffeine back in November, I have started to get interested in holistic, organic food and eating habits. As I am a helpless cook, I have to admit that I suck at creating all those yummy healthy menues myself. So I started reading more about the benefits of green juices - and hey, boom, I realized that this is something I can easily do! After giving Dennis a short speech about the benefits, we were on our way to buy a blender in order to get the healthy business going.

And, tadaa, here it is - our shiny, red, beautiful blender. I went for the looks, if you can't tell! :) Can't help myself, kitchen appliances need to look pretty, right?

The last two days I have been blending up a storm - for now my green juices are a mixture of veggies and fruits. I want to end up with a 80:20 ration though, to cut down on fruit sugars. I also bought wheat grass powder for added chlorophyll magic. For my juice yesterday I used 2 apples, 1 pear, 2 carrots, 1 selery, a handful baby spinach, lemon, fresh mint and my first self-grown baby strawberry. I added icewater and enjoyed it sitting on my balcony in the blistering heat of Melbourne.

Do you drink green juices?
If yes, whats your all time favorite combo?
I need inspiration which has proven to taste good!! :) *K


  1. I used to have a blended fruit juice everyday when I lived with my parents. I loved it and it was so delicious and fresh. I'm thinking really should get myself a blender too start making one for myself everyday.

  2. Hmmm, sieht gut aus. Ich schaue gerade nach einem Entsafter, damit wir unsere künftigen Apfel-, Pfirsich- und Holunderernten noch mehr verwerten können. :)
    Außerdem - leider - bin ich gezwungen, mich mit diesem Healthy-Topic auseinanderzusetzen: Ich war wie Du - eingermaßen gesund lebend aber bitteschön doch nicht mit zuuuu vielen Gedanken daran oder viel zu viel Aufwand. Jetzt habe ich Nahrungsmittelintoleranzen ohne Ende und darf nur noch sehr wenig. Vielleicht eine Quittung, mit der ich mich auseinandersetzen muss und die ich positiv sehen sollte, nuja. Allerdings glaube ich fest dran, dass sich das irgendwann wieder auf ein normaleres Maß einpegelt. So long: Prost! ;)

  3. Hach, ich überleg ja auch die ganze Zeit ob ich mal so ein Detox-Programm machen soll, aber ich befürchte ich bin da völlig undiszipliniert und weiß auch nicht wie ich das mit den 2 kids machen soll. Dann müsste ich für die kochen und dürfte selbst nur Möhrchen knabbern? Mehr green stuff im Alltag sollte aber wohl möglich sein. Und sich schnell mal nen Smoothie mixen wahrscheinlich auch. Sind ja auch lecker. LG, Nadine

  4. Your little tiny strawberry looks so cute next to all those giant fruits and veggies. Love it!

  5. oh, when I lived with my parents they used to wake me up with green juice EVERY SINGLE DAY. At first, I hated it, but you get used to.
    The only difference is that they used to make it with green leaves only. It's such a good cleanse, it got rid of my spots pretty quick.

    Good luck on your new green juice adventure :) You just reminded that I need to stop being lazy and taste healthy every morning!

  6. i wish i had a smoothie machine here. i love making green monsters.

  7. i haven't quite gotten in to the juicing frenzy yet! but i am going to try whole 30 starting in the middle of next month. i'm nervous!

  8. if you find some good recipes... share?

  9. Oh, Kristina... this post makes me happy (and thank you so much for stopping by my blog recently) :) I've experimented with green smoothies/juices in the past and can't wait to make it a part of my daily routine once I finish uni. A blender is a bit much to ship back and forth from England to Switzerland!

  10. I'm quite a big fans of healthy fruit juices/smoothies. Banana + strawberry + yogurt/milk mixed really well :)


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