Tuesday, January 22, 2013

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My first week back at the office. Ohhh, did somebody happen to find my motivation? Must have lost it somewhere along the way... Lets just say - it was hard coming back after all this time off and all those glorious free days spent exploring and sleeping in... I miss my holidays already!!

One of my new year resolutions was to make more of my free time after work, to enjoy summer and the warm evenings outside (as they won't last forever) and not to get stressed too much about business and running projects.  Having this in mind we drove down to Torquay after work and enjoyed an evening by the beach, surfing, watching the amazing sunset (this was repeated on Sunday by the way). Yes - I am learning how to surf (another new year resolution)!! Its hard, but also so much fun!!

I also met with Galitt (visit her blog Slow Noodle)  who was in town from her home Adelaide after work for a lovely dinner at a French restaurant - think yummy french wine and incredible french cheeses to go along! I love meeting my blog friends in real life - so exciting, interesting and fun! Thanks my dear Galitt for a great night, I hopefully see you again soon!

How was your week? And your weekend?
And do you surf and have any recommendations for me? Tips and tricks? *K


  1. pretty pictures!! surfing sounds awesome, i'd love to try one day :)


  2. aw i love slow noodle!! would have loved to have been at that dinner!!

  3. Also irgendwie komm ich mir jetzt komisch vor, wenn ich da von Surfen lese und selber Rodel war. Im Schnee. Das kalte weiße Zeug, weißt du? ;-)
    Aber ebenfall ein Highlight war auf jedenfall unsere Schneebar mit selbstgemachtem Glühwein - ein Traum! :D

    Liebe Grüße

  4. Enjoying sunsets after work would make returning to the office a little bit more bearable. Love your photos.

  5. Hi there - thanks for your kind words at my blog. These photos are lovely, so nice to know that it's warm and sunny somewhere. Surfing and sunset watching after work sounds pretty good to me.

    Gillian x


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