Monday, December 10, 2012

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How was your weekend?
Mine was like this:

I got to spent another weekend with my parents in Melbourne! It was really nice, I love to have them here and show them around the city. Only 6 more days and we are off to Perth, can't wait!!

On Sunday we went to the Queen Victoria Market. This is most probably the most favorite market of locals and tourists alike. A great outdoor market offering everything from fresh veggies + fruits, deli style cheese and antipasti, meat and fresh oysters to tourist souvenirs. In between some donuts stands, the obvious band playing strange music which often includes a didgeridoo (hey, we are in Australia after all) and some coffee to go places.

The latest addition to the QVM is the so-called Stringbean Alley - an alley facing the Peel Street side of the market featuring local artists and designers who showcase their works in shipping containers (this seems to be a new trend among the markets in Melbourne - I think it is a great idea!). Throw in some nice coffee places (Padre Coffee no less), street art, colour and a vintage bike - tadaa, you got a place with potential! However, I think there is still a long way to go for the Stringbean Alley with most of the containers still closed or not interesting enough... Looking forward to see it develop over the summer!

Did you explore any new places during the weekend? Tell me all about it!!
Have a lovely week - can you believe it is Christmas in two weeks? *K


  1. Hach wie schön. Will auch durch Melbourne stromern. Und dazu noch Hitzewelle. Kann ich mir gerade so null vorstellen. Hier ist es ist saukalt. Wobei ich Weihnachten unter der Sonne ja dann doch immer etwas seltsam finde. Liebe Grüße from home!

  2. ah how warm and colorful! so opposite of dear Germany right now. Enjoy and keep posting beautiful pictures for me to cry over :P

  3. Hmm.. tried to leave a comment and something went wrong. But it went something like this:

    I just pinned this place so I remember to visit it while we are in Melbourne. I'm ready to get off the east coast and check out Victoria. Hope you're enjoying your time with your parents.

  4. shipping containers are totally up and coming here too! there are some restaurants who are using them :)

  5. this is making me homesick. I love to see pictures of MElbourne and the places i used to visit


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