Monday, November 5, 2012

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How was your weekend?
Mine was like this:

The sun was back just in time for the weekend, so we headed out of the city on Saturday morning to spend some time at the Bundoora Farmers Market.

I really like the idea to buy locally produced products which are in season and which have not travelled a mindblowing distance just to reach my shopping basket. Honestly, I do buy most of the fruits and veggies we eat in the supermarket, but from time to time we head out to visit local farmer markets such as the one in Bundoora.

We bought yummy oranges, carrots, brokkoli and some pak choi. We also bought new organic mountain honey which tastes fabulous! We also had a late-breakfast treat - fresh scones with jam and cream (sold by a German couple no less!) as well as a pre-lunch treat - yummy frozen yoghurt with fruits from Yogurddiction. So good!!

I was looking in particular for organic products, however wasn't that lucky. Local produce does not mean organic per se. We are starting a 7-day detox diet in the le fabuleux destin household coming Sunday - and I would like to eat as much organic food as possible. The detox diet will be including fruits, veggies, eggs, wholemeal oats, beans, quinoa etc - however alcohol, coffein, meat, diary, wheat and rye products are a big no go. Will post a seperate post on our plans later this week.

Now a question for my Melbourne friends:
where can I buy reasonably priced organic fruits, veggies, all kinds of beans, quinoa etc? Any idea?

Have a lovely week, *K


  1. wow, what a market, it looks like a great way to spend a weekend.

  2. beautiful. We've recently bought a car and my boyfriend finally has a few Saturdays/Sundays off so we're going to start exploring! Any places which you particularly loved?

  3. We do all our shopping at the organic shop Ripe at the Prahran market! Is it more expensive then Coles? Of course, but not by THAT much.

    YAY another expat in Melbourne!

  4. Sieht wieder einmal unglaublich toll aus und lecker hört es sich sowieso an. ^_^ Bin ja gespannt wie deine Detox-Woche läuft. Wär sicher mal interessant zu machen, da ich aber so gut wie nicht kochen kann, tu ich mir sehr schwer was anderes wie Nudeln und Fleisch zu machen. xD Oje oje...

    Liebe Grüße

  5. I think I should visit that place soon. It look so amazing by the way. What is the price of vegetables in their market? sorry but asking generally.

  6. I love farmers markers and I love how they invite you to sample most things. I love picking up bread, pasta, cheese and olives when we go to the markets, and fresh flowers too :)


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