Thursday, November 15, 2012

{ out and about } lunchbreaks I

I am still doing my detox diet (harder as I thought, but still standing strong and not cheated one time!!), so as part of this I try to exercise as much as my time schedule and tired body allows. Which is not a lot as - believe me - my body is so very tired.

This week I have been on a couple of lunch-time walks around Richmond. I feels good to get outside, move, breath fresh air and to discover new parts of the neighborhood. Lovely little cottages with the cutest fences and vintage arrangements outside caught my eyes.

Next time I am taking my Canon with me, so much beauty worth shooting and sharing!

Hope you are all enjoying your week! What did you discover this week so far?    *K


  1. Well done on the detox - I'm not sure I could do it!

    A walk and a bit of fresh air can be so refreshing after being cooped up inside! Looks like you've got a great little neighbourhood to explore!

  2. Loving your summertime photos as winter closes in here!

  3. Oh, I'm flabbergasted by all those colours! Maybe because here in Dublin it's cold, dump and rainy right now?

  4. Ohhh wow. Australien! Wahnsinn! Da bin ich direkt ein wenig neidisch :)

    Liebe Grüße,

  5. hey liebe kristina,
    das sieht alles so so so wunderbar aus bei dir... da müssen wir grün vor neid werden, nciht anders herum, weil du leider nicht bei BLOGST warst!!! irgendwann klappt es bestimmt! dafür lebst du so wunderbar...

    vielen lieben dank für deine worte bei mir!

    allerbeste grüße


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