Friday, November 9, 2012

{ life captured in instagrams }

Just wanted to quickly say HELLO! What an exciting election week that was! I was glued to my computer for the whole day in the office, checking results and celebrating with a "tea party" in the afternoon! As a German I find the election system in the US quite confusing and from time to time I felt I was in the middle of the Eurovision Song Contest (all my European friends know what I am talking about). " From California - twelve points for Obama. Douze points pour Obama."...

We have had a constant mix of sunshine, rain and wind this week - but on Sunday we are expecting 26 degree and sunshine!! I think that sounds like the first beach day of this year? My pale legs are in desperate need of some sunshine (I wish it wasn't that bad, but it is that bad!!).

Besides I captured some pictures with my iPhone the last couple of days. Different coffee shops around the office. The new Marimekko store on Chapel Street (which is open by now, have to go and check it out!). Lovely spring flowers. And this great Zebra - on a wall in Northcote. Loving it!!

Have a lovely week, *K


  1. That last bird of paradise is lovely! Wish it was warming up here. Have a great weekend.

  2. Haha the election system is confusing to me, and I've lived in the US all my life. Lovely photos, and I used to have a moon cactus like that one!

  3. haha I am from Spain and I loved your comment about the Eurovision contest!!!
    happy weekend!

  4. These pics are amazing - pretty much everything I am excited about seeing in Melbourne next month! Banksias, the new marrimekko shop, T2 and coffee shops (in general).

    And I'm with you about the US election! So confusing, but such an exciting week :)

  5. I love every single one of those photos :)

  6. Der Songcontest! Was für ein Vergleich!

    Schöne Schuhe hast du da an!

  7. I was on holiday so I missed most of the election coverage. Which isn't entirely a bad thing ;) Your photos are so lovely and capture the every day so beautifully xoxox

  8. Hahaha - oh my, US election/Eurovision song contest. I love that comparison! Our Canadian system is not like that at all and I definitely find it a bit confusing!

  9. Chichichi, wunderbar, der Vergleich zum Eurovision Song Contest. Hier wurde auch sehr viel gewitzelt über die "Election Show". :)) Auch wenn ich nicht sicher bin, wie viel das wirklich bringt, aber hier freuen sich natürlich auch alle über den Ausgang.
    LG /inka

  10. I love these shots. We are planning to be in Melbourne sometime in January and I've been using your Instagram to get my boyfriend pumped! I think he's coming around... (He's been to Melbourne twice on quick trips and didn't fall in love)


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