Tuesday, October 30, 2012

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How was your weekend?
Mine was like this:

We had a quite weekend filled with pancake breakfast and a sunny Sunday which we spent in the park - complete with BBQ, a game of badminton and a walk along the lake.
Summer is on it's way, I can feel it!!

I also had time for some of my favorite pastimes- travel planning! Hooray! Our last holiday feels so long ago (in fact, it almost has been one year) - yes, we did alot of weekend trips during the year, but no proper vacation whatsoever! So I am more than excited that the holiday season is coming up - with many Australian businesses being shut down for three weeks in December / January (including ours), we are literally forced to take vacation during that period by our employer (still can't get my head around this - three weeks out of four weeks annual leave? Forced? What about chosing the time for my vacation myself??!).

This unfortunately also means that the rest of the country is on holiday as well - prices sky-rocket and accommodation is booked out months ahead. No like.

Anyway, back to the exciting part - I will be spending two weeks with my parents traveling in Western Australia (Perth - Fremantle - Margaret River - Denmark) as well as one week with my boyfriend and his best friend in Tasmania (thinking Cradle Mountain - Hobart - Freycinet National Park). Yes, my parents are visiting us and we will be spending Christmas together! I am so happy!!

Now I need your help! Have any of you been to WA or TAS before?
What do we need to see? Where to eat? What to do? Please fill me in!! Pretty please!

Ah, the joy of traveling, gosh, I can't wait!! Are you planning any exciting vacation?? *K


  1. I'm going to Tassie at the end of the year as well, i'm SO excited since I haven't been since i was 12.

    You must go to MONA in Hobart, and obviously if you're at Cradle Mountain, you'll need to go walking. The tourism website for Tasmania is actually pretty good, (www.discovertasmania.com) and will help with some ideas.
    The annual Sydney to Hobart yacht race usually finishes on the 28th or 29th Dec if you happen to be around at that time, I imagine there's a big party in Hobart when the winner comes in.

  2. Yeah wie cool! Ich freu mich jetzt schon sooo über deine Bilder! ^_^
    Bei uns ist es ähnlich. Mein Mann "muss" im Winter zwei Wochen frei nehmen, daher planen wir dort auch immer Urlaub ein, den daheim im Schnee zu bleiben, will ich nicht. ;-)
    Morgen geht's für uns für 5 Tage nach Spanien - wohoo! Ich freu mich schon.
    Liebe Grüße

  3. Biggest, biggest, BIGGEST vacation and travel ever, and only 20 days to go until it starts! :)) Ich kann Dir gar nicht sagen, wie sehr mein Herz klopft, JEDEN Tag, das hört gar nicht mehr auf, und ich kann noch gar nicht glauben dass es endlich so weit ist.
    Also wünsch ich jetzt einfach mal uns beiden grandiosen Urlaub! :)
    LG /inka

  4. Spent one amazong week in Tassie last year! I really enjoyed walking up to the top of Mount Wellington in Hobart. I really loved wineglass bay and the beaches at Freycinet National Park. It's so beautiful there! I spent one night in Launceston which I thought was really cute.
    Looking forward to the pictures!

  5. How exciting that you will be with your family! I haven't visited Tasmania yet and I am very excited for when we finally do get down there. It looks so beautiful. Enjoy planning!

  6. Noch genau vier Wochen, dann geht es für meinen Mann
    und mich für vier Monate nach Melbourne! Vielleicht hast Du ein
    paar gute Tipps für uns? Einen schönen Urlaub + Alles Liebe
    aus Hamburg, Judith

  7. Ja hallo, nicht schlecht :-)
    Wird bestimmt eine tolle Zeit!

    Liebe Grüße

  8. Nothing as exciting as your plans but I'll be in Italy for Christmas, five(ish) days in Rome and five(ish) on the Amalfi Coast where my parents live.

  9. Oh ja, ein bisschen Australien könnte uns hier gerade nicht schaden :)! Liebe Grüße ans andere Ende der Welt...

  10. Ich war fast 3 Monate in Western Australia und auch in Tasmanien. Ich liebe Beides. Ist leider schon 10 Jahre her, daher kann ich Dir keine Hotel- und Restauranttipps geben. Aber Lucky Bay in Esperance/ WA ist Pflicht. Der weisseste Sand den ich je gesehen habe. Broome fand ich sehr schnuckelig. Ein Heli-Flug über Bungle Bungle ist einfach nur cool. Ne Woche zelten auf der Gibb-River-Road ist totales Outback-Feeling. Fremantle bei Perth ist sehr hübsch. Und überhaupt der ganze Süd-Westen. Hach ja...und Tasmanien. Wineglass Bay. Wandern, wandern, wandern....Zieh Dir Deine Laufschühchen an. LG!


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