Monday, October 15, 2012

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How was your weekend?
Mine was like this:

Another weekend spent in South Africa, this time I got to spent it in Cape Town!
Wow, what a city! I have to admit I am in love!! Its beauty is stunning! Have you ever been? Its breathtaking, trust me!!

On top of that I have wonderful colleagues that took me out to see all the cool places one can see in a short weekend. We had breakfast at the Old Bisquit Mill, followed by a drive to Hout BayFish and Chips for lunch and some seal watching from the jetty. Today we drove along Chapmans Peak which gives you amazing views over the ocan and Hout Bay and spent some time at Cape Point - so pretty but oh so windy!! We then headed back to the city, I jumped in a taxi and off I was to the airport. Now I am back to Jburg for three more nights and then I am heading back to Australia! But before that there is some work to do! Will share more pictures from around Cape Town later this week...

Have a lovely week, *K


  1. Glad you got to go to the market and Chapman's Peak Drive was one of our favourite afternoons in the Cape Town area --- so, so beautiful! Enjoy the rest of your time in SA and safe travels back to Aus!

  2. South African friends keep telling us we HAVE to go to Cape Town- it looks like they might be right! Beautiful pics as always :)

  3. That is the best hotel bed I've ever seen! South Africa is high on my list of destinations... I almost went a few months ago to do some volunteering, but the thought of exploring on my own freaked me out a little bit and I went to Thailand instead. Now seeing all of your pictures I'm kicking myself a little bit!

  4. wow, schönes hotel:) cape town steht auch ganz oben auf unserer traumreisezielewoche :)

  5. I've never been interested in visiting South Africa but these photos make me change my mind...beuatiful!

  6. We have extended family in South Africa and hope to visit them within the next couple of years. It is wonderful to read of your joy in Cape Town as I do look forward to visiting there. It looks so picturesque. Travel home to Australia safe.

  7. Mmmmrrroooaaarrrrrr! Tu mal nicht so, als sei Dir nicht bewusst, wie neidisch die Leute jetzt auf diesen Post gucken, aaah! :)
    Ich versuche immer noch zu ergründen, wie Du das hinbekommst, so viel zu reisen, ich bin ja erst kurze Zeit Leserin Deines Blogs. Also nicht, dass das in dieser Form noch für mich drin wäre, dafür will ich zu viel Mann und der Mann hat zu viele Kinder. ;) Aber ein _bisschen_ wenigstens, hm, so ein _kleines bisschen_ reisen wie Du... *seufz*
    Südafrika ist natürlich auch auf der Liste. Erstmal stehen da aber noch andere Sachen vor.
    Lg /inka

  8. PS: Ist das unhöflich, in Deutsch zu schreiben? Wenn ich Witze mache, habe ich immer nicht die Chutzpe, das in Englisch zu machen, weil mein Humor dann irgendwie immer madig wird...

  9. wow !! looks really nice!! really looking forward going one day :) thanks for sharing

  10. great pics ;)
    kisses pretty

  11. @Inka Ich schreib auch immer Deutsch ;-) Sind wir immerhin schon zu zweit.
    Schöner Rückblick. Da kann man schon echt nedisich werden.
    Freu mich schon auf die restlichen Bilder!

  12. Mine was like this:
    Wieder mal super schöne Bilder und Südafrika ist ja schwer zu toppen. ;-)

    Liebe Grüße


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