Thursday, October 4, 2012

{ garden love } my very own herb garden

As you might know, I keep wishing that someday I will have my own little garden to grow veggies, herbs and flowers - just like my grandma! After moving in our new apartment in the city, we are lucky to have a pretty large terrace, but no garden.

However, I decided to give garding a try whatsoever as many veggies and herbs also grow in pots! During a lazy afternoon walk through our neighborhood a couple of weekends ago, I spotted a great fruit box which has been placed on the street for the hard trash collection. I thought to myself that this would be perfect for planting herbs, so I went back, grabbed the box and took it home with me!

The next morning we drove to the nearest Bunnings and bought all kinds of herbs for me to plant as well as a couple of bags potting mix. As a first step, I put some plastic cover at the bottom of the box to prevent the soil being washed out (I did however cut holes in the plastic, so that the water can come out). Afterwards I started planting pasley, mint, coriander, rosemary, chives and chili. To make it look pretty, I threw some shells in between.

Now, comparing the pictures above with the current status, the mint and the parlsey have grown like crazy. The coriander is a bit weak as is the chili plant. But we have already enjoyed the fresh herbs with many salads, in dips and on home-made pizza. Love the concept of growing my own food - even if this is just a tip of the iceberg!

On a different note, I have arrived in South Africa last night after a 14.5 hour flight. I am doing well, fighting the jetlag and will be off working soon! Hope you are doing well! *K


  1. I've done the same at the beginning of summer (though my pots are not as fashionable as your fruit box!) and I've got great results with rosemary, mint and chives! What I believe I'll never be able to grow in this country is basil!

  2. I'm hoping to do a herb garden as soon as I get back to Norway - looking forward to fresh basil!

    Hope the jetlag battle isn't too hard on you and that you'll get a bit of time away from work to enjoy SA!

  3. enjoy south africa for me, i want to go there so so bad!!

  4. Looks like a great project for Spring. Is Melbourne warming up?

    Glad you made it safely to South Africa!

  5. good for you, with your pretty little garden!
    this is darling, and so useful.

  6. Ahhh! Plants. I love them. My fiance and I had a small garden on our patio of our apartment, too. Most of what we grew were herbs. We had lots of basil, but also had oregano and cilantro. We managed to start growing an avocado tree, too! I love it; it's definitely our favorite plant. :) I hope you have a really successful garden. It looks lovely in that little box. And I LOVE the smell of rosemary.

  7. cute.follow u ;)

  8. Was für einen schönen Blog du hast! Ich bin ganz begeistert!

  9. ja! ganz toll - ich bin auch begeistert und reise gerne mit dir mit! enjoy south africa!

  10. Ha, nun bin ich natürlich schnell bei dir gucken gekommen,…und DU hast es aber schön, oder ;O)…
    Viel Spaß in Süd-Afrika!

  11. hi kristina,

    hab deinen kommentar bei saskia gelesen...
    bin nun hier und es gefällt mir sehr!

    deine fotos sind ein traum!

    kommst gleich in meine blogroll!!!

    lg nancy

  12. This is awesome! I love they way it looks!


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