Thursday, October 18, 2012

cape town [ impressions ]

Some of my most favorite cities out there include New York, Berlin, Istanbul, Venice, Paris and Melbourne (of course!!). Now I have to add another one to the list: Cape Town.

Wow! This is basically all I can say. I was blessed with four days of blue sky and sunshine, I had a fantastic view of the Table Mountain straight out of my hotel room and I had great company to explore the surrounding areas! We managed to squeeze in roadtrips to Hout Bay, up Signal Hill, along the base of the Table Mountain, all the way down to Cape Point via Chapmans Peak.

The vista and views of the coastline were absolutely breathtaking. On one side white, long beaches with crashing surf (and icecold waters); on the other side the ever-towering Table Mountain. Lovely suburbs with amazing houses; cool coffeeshops and delicious milk tarts!

For sure I will be coming back one day!!

Have you ever been to Cape Town? Would you like to go?


  1. It is most definitely one of my favourite cities! We had 8 days there and were yearning for more!

  2. great pics ;)

  3. Schöne Bilder :-)
    Wir waren letztes Jahr auch schwer begeistert von Kapstadt. Schon allein der Blick mit dem Tafelberg im Hintergrund..wer kann da wiederstehen?


  4. Oh, das sieht so unglaublich schön aus!

  5. Ich war einmal beruflich in Kapstadt und will auf jeden Fall noch einmal privat hin. Deine Bilder wecken das Fernweh!!!! Sehr schön! LG, Annette.

  6. woooow wunderschön! ich will hin!!!
    xx the cookies
    share the feeling
    visit <3

  7. Melbourne is definitely one of my favorite cities. I always have a wonderful time there. I haven't been to Cape Town but South Africa is on our bucket list. The photos I've see of the place are stunning!

  8. That is stunning and I especially love the photo of the seal on its back just sunbathing!

  9. Wow! i have never been but i'd love to go one day looks stunning!

  10. Berlin über 9000 km entfernt. Wahnsinnsbilder! Wunderschön.

  11. I'm so glad that you got to visit our little country! Especially the Mother City! Beautiful isn't she?

    Next time you should travel all over the place, you would love it!

    By the way, your photos are absolutely breathtaking!

  12. I LOVE Cape Town! Your pictures took me straight back! My husband and I spent 4 months in SA in 2008. Cape Town was one of my fav. cities that we visited. I so want to go back now!
    Lana @

  13. We have extended family who live in Cape Town so i'm sure we will get there one day. These photos show just how beautiful it is. The blues and greens are divine! Welcome home.


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