Wednesday, October 10, 2012

{ breakfast at ... } three bags full

So my quest continues.

I love going for breakfast, especially here in Melbourne with so many cool, arty and great places to chose from. A couple of weeks ago I met up with a friend at Three Bags Full in Abbotsford, a suburb in the East of Melbourne. I loved the setting in the old warehouse, the black paint with pops of colour, the pretty flowers and the wonderful coffee (I told you, we are crazy about coffee here in Melbourne - they brew Five Senses coffee which is strong but good!). I loved the lightbulbs - they also use tea cups and saucers as lights on several table (sorry, no pictures, check the website).

Three Bags Full is really popular, so we had to wait for 20 minutes to get a table and the place was packed. It took another 30 minutes for the food to arrive (we were pre-warned though) but it was great and worth the wait!! I had poached eggs on toast with avocado and goat cheese (14.50$) and a flat white (3.80$) as usual.

All in all, I would say the Three Bags Full scores a 8/10 - I liked the choices, the coffee and the decor, the waiters were friendly and funny - but the place is just too crowded for my taste. Next time I make sure I arrive early in the morning! Loved it though!

Go here:
Three Bags Full
Corner of Nicholson St and Mollison St
Abbotsford, Australia


  1. The decor is beautiful. I totally want to paint some walls black in my house but I really don't know if it would work because my house is so teeny. I'm a fan of that sort of industrial, minimal decor.

  2. You were right over the road (literally) from our studio and didn't come and say hi!

  3. Also, das sieht echt toll aus! Wär ich auch gerne....:D:)

  4. woderful photos. would love that café if it stands in munich!

  5. Da haette ich aber auch eine halbe Stunde in Kauf genommen. So wie es
    aussieht war es das ja auch Wert. Ich glaube wir hier in Vancouver BC sind genauso verrueckt nach Kaffee. Von dem Kaffee in Melbourne hat man mir nur das allerbeste berichtet.
    Wenn ich mich nicht irre, beginnt jetzt der Sommer in Victoria.
    ( Ich bin so neidisch). Inspiriert durch deinen schoenen Post werde ich jetzt sofort losgehen und Tomaten, Paprika, Ziegenkaese und Eier kaufen und mir und meiner Mitbewohnerin etwas in der Art zaubern.

    Viele Gruesse.

  6. Dankeschön für Deine lieben Zeilen - ja, für uns auch immer schwer schon an Weihnachten zu denken, da man eigentlich noch mittem im Herbst ist ;) LG zurück und ein schönes Wochenende :)

  7. Das Buch sieht nicht nur toll aus, es ist auch toll. Ich werde demnächst sicher mal etwas "nachbasteln". :)

    Die Bilder sehen toll aus. Da wäre ich sicherlich auch gerne frühstücken gegangen!

  8. Now you're REALLY making me homesick haha! This is one of my faves in our 'hood... Hopefully we'll still be able to afford the rent when we move back next year! :)

  9. That is such a really lovely place to have some breakfast. Loving the pics as usual :D


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