Tuesday, September 11, 2012

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How was your weekend?
Mine was like this:

We had a quite weekend. I did some gardening on our terrace (pictures to come soon). And a bit of sewing. And we had our first proper Australian BBQ - on a BBQ which is supposed to cater a whole family! haha! On Sunday the sun was shining in all her glory and we tool our bikes out to the city, strolled along the Yarra river and drank coffee in the sunshine.

Now I have been sick for the past two days, a nasty spring cold. I am working from home - the only nice thing is that I got to spend my lunch break on our terrace, eating salad in the sunshine, reading a book. Could have that every day!

Any recommendations for healthy and different BBQ meals? Need some inspiration, thanks for sharing!!  *K


  1. I like grilling seafood, especially BBQ'd oysters! Mmm. And of course veggies; my favorites are corn, grilled spring onions, and asparagus (sometimes works better if wrapped in foil first). I cut a peach in half and grill that for dessert, too.

  2. I love roasting a chicken on the bbq. (Rub chicken with oil and your favourite spices, drink half a beer and put the can with the other half of the beer inside the chicken. Prop it up on the grill using the beer and it's 2 legs and cook away.)
    Roasted corn on the cob is nice too - peel back the stocks, de-hair them, spread butter, salt & pepper on the corn and then fold back the stocks. Place on the bbq and let them roast.

    Hope you are on the mend Kristina!

  3. Oh boy, I hope you will feel better soon and your red bike is simply adorable:) Happy spring, sweetie.

  4. Here in the U.S.A. we're winding down our summer and about to enjoy our last BBQ of the year. So, I'm super jealous. My favorite way to grill corn on the grill is to leave corn in the husks, fully immerse in water for at least an hour and grill directly on the grill. In about 40 minutes you have perfectly grilled corn with no fuss no muss! Enjoy!

  5. I love those cafe chairs!

    Looks like you have lots of BBQ recommendations already but I like making tempeh kababs with peppers, onions, and pineapple. Pretty good, I say!

  6. it looks so SUNNY! i think we're getting sun the next few days but the air is definitely crisp and fall like. i wore a scarf for the first time today, it was so cozy!

  7. just found your blog, love the name btw! Those pictures are gorgeous, makes me want to hop on a plane and see it for myself! Would be a welcome change from the rain over here...

    love from Belgium,


  8. Oh, no! Feel better soon! A couple of my friends (and my fiance, for that matter) have also fallen ill with turn-of-the-season colds.


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