Wednesday, September 5, 2012

{ breakfast at... } saldford lad clubs

Melbourne has a strong love for coffee. Everybody seems to have their favorite coffee place and barista. With that naturally comes a love for brunch and breakfast as well (luckily I love to go out for breakfast on the weekend!!). There are so many wonderful, funky and cute cafe's all around the city - too many to try every single one of them. But - we are up for a little challenge! We will have breakfast in as many wonderful, funky and cute cafe's as possible during our (limited) time here in Melbourne! Yeay!

The first one we visited (actually the first one I took pictures of) was the Salford Lads Club. It located in Port Melbourne in a rather industrial part of town. I loved the large windows, the white-washed brick walls and the fresh flowers.

The coffee was great and the food delicious. And the prices are really reasonable - I had poached eggs on toast with bacon (11.50$), freshly pressed orange juice (sorry, no memory of the price) and a flat white (3.50$).

All in all, I would say the Salford Lads Club scores a 7/10 - the menu could be a bit more special and adventurous for my taste. Anyway, I had a wonderful sunny morning with new, great friends. But make sure you only go on a Saturday - they are closed Sundays (the Sunday before we were standing in front of closed doors).

Go here:
Salford Lads Club
1 Fennell Street (corner of Bridge Street)
Port Melbourne, Australia

Do you like to go for breakfast / brunch on the weekend?


  1. This looks a beautiful place! First I thought it would be in Manchester because of the name (Salford!)

  2. Gefällt mir. Hätte gerade nix gegen ein leckeres Frühstück und einen großen Flat White. Die Preise sind seit meiner Zeit in Australien ja ganz schön gestiegen. Höre immer wieder voll die "Horrorgeschichten". Ist echt alles so teuer geworden? Liebe Grüße!

  3. I really like places with red lentil soup on their menu!

  4. I love reading about great cafes and breakfast places!
    Love their stripy red straws. :)
    Ronnie xo
    p.s. Thank you Kristina for your kind words about Cameron.. means so much.

  5. It looks like such a cool little place (and that latte had my mouth watering!)

    We don't often go out for breakfast - it would require us getting up and ready on a weekend morning and that doesn't happen very quickly at our house. I do love a relaxing Sunday breakfast at home though where we'll make eggs or pancakes or French toast & bacon. Mmmm.

  6. Great shots and I loooooved the coffee in Melbs!

  7. What a fun challenge! I'm looking forward to seeing how your progress!

  8. You will have to venture across to our side of town and try Auction House, perhaps as a first coffee catch-up? Can't believe it's taken me so long to get back here. It would be wonderful to meet... finally!

  9. looks like a lovely place to eat! will have to check it out : )
    ps. lovely photographs : )


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