Monday, August 20, 2012

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How was your weekend?
I WISHED mine was like this:

I could only wish that my weekend looked like the picture above (outtake from our trip to Croatia almost one year ago). In reality, it did not look anything like that. Instead it was rainy, windy and cold - and I was tired and busy with sewing lesson, fabric buying and a visit to IKEA to buy some new curtains and look for other small bits and pieces. And I did not take one picture over the weekend. Such a shame. But in other words there was nothing much to photograph...

Hope your weekend was more exiciting? What were you up to?
Have a lovely week, *K

PS: Have a look on Jay's great blog From There to Here - I am featured here today talking about my expat live in Australia!


  1. Your post made me smile :)
    We actually enjoyed the cold this weekend. Went camping and felt so good and warm by the fire although it was 4 degrees!!! Also had a bonus in a shape of a huge mushroom basket that we collected then cooked as a soup when we got home.
    Spring is almost here and trust me - you will have so many glorious days for your camera! Spring here is unreal.
    Have a great week!! xx

  2. Loved your interview! Sometimes I really enjoy weekends where the weather is not nice, because it forces me to stay inside and rest. :)

  3. Sewing lessons sound fun! And a good way to stay busy during future rainy weekends...

  4. Your weekend was more exciting than mine haha, I don't even remember what mine was. :D

  5. Aw!!! the weather. let me tel you... i am sooooo over it. but at least it's pretty by the beach. :) hope all is well in your world. xx

  6. Oh, ich lese egrade, du bist in 'Germany' geboren, deswegen schreibe ich einfach mal auf deutsch, denn Englisch ergibt bei mir nur Müll, oke? :D
    Dein Wochenende war 'rainy' und 'windy'? Whoa. Meins war 37°, ätzend langer, anstrengender Tagesausflug auf die Floraide in Venlo (Holland). Also auch nicht so sonderlich cool. Habe jetzt einen Sonnebrand auf den Schultern und am Dekoltee, ich Idiot hab natürlich Sonnencreme vergessen. :D


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