Monday, August 13, 2012

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How was your weekend?
Mine was like this:

I am back in Melbourne! If you follow me on Instagram (lefabuleuxdestin) or Twitter, you probably know that I have been to South Africa the last 10 days on a business trip. I mainly stayed in Johannesburg, traveling around the region, plus one daytrip to Durban. I had a good time, great food and I witnessed the odd snowstorm in Jozi - the excitement about the snow still makes me smile! I watched the Olympics in the evening, happy to see my most favorite track and field events live and skyped with lots of my friends back home in Germany - taking advantage to be in the same time zone as Europe. Loved it!

After a long trip back home, I am still recovering from jet lag - gosh, I hate that! Anyway as I am off from work today, I will enjoy the sunshine now and head outside!

Have a wonderful week. *K

And yes, the pictures above are the only pics I took during my trip to SA. No time for photography, such a shame!


  1. Welcome home!

    I really struggled with jet lag when I got to Canada - I feel your pain! Good luck getting back on Aus time!

    Have a great week!

  2. Mein Mitleid hält sich in Grenzen. ;O) Bin eher ein bisschen neidisch. Lieben Gruss aus dem Sommer!

  3. Oh, muss dich gleich mal bei Instagram suchen :-)
    Das zweite Bild ist klasse!


  4. I hear you on the jet lag! Lovely photos still :)

  5. Such beautiful landscapes! I too was watching the track and field events avidly, am sad that the Olympics ended so quickly.


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