Thursday, August 16, 2012

is it spring yet?

I really had enough of winter. Of rainy days. Of windy days. And of grey days. I am ready for spring and summer! Winter lasts looooong in Melbourne. It is not as cold as I am used to from Germany or Switzerland, but it does get quite uncomfortable....

I am looking so much forward to evening walks along the beach, breakfast in the sunshine, riding my bike all over town and to hit the waves again with my surfboard - which I still need to buy, but you get the point :)

This morning, while walking to work, I saw a beautiful bush of Magnolias - all in bloom! Clearly a sign of spring!! I love love love magnolias, such pretty flowers - totally made my day!

With spring approaching in the Southern Hemisphere, this also means that summer is coming to an end in the Northern Hemisphere - are you ready yet?
I am.

Liebe Gruesse, *K


  1. I'm dreading my first Norwegian winter --- the summer certainly hasn't been hot but it's been nice and I'm not looking forward to cold, rain & wind!

  2. I'm not ready for summer to be over but then a English Summer isn't really that summery lol. I do love Autumn though...

  3. As I just spent six weeks in Victoria "enjoying" an Australian winter, so I was heartbroken to see the magnolias blooming two days before I left. Perhaps next time I'll stay to enjoy the pay off.

  4. I've seen quite a few magnolias myself, and they are beautiful.
    Any free evenings next week?


  5. So weird to hear that you are waiting for Spring! I wish our summer (in n. america) would not end!


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