Wednesday, August 8, 2012

introducing my new baby

I have a new hobby: sewing.

I have been so lucky that one of my colleagues in Australia is teaching me how to sew - every second Saturday morning I am over at here house learning to sew buttonholes, zippers and tips/tricks. My colleague used to have her own clothing line and she was been sewing to measure - from wedding dressings to flamenco skirts.

So I have bought myself an old Bernina sewing machine on Ebay... I love it! Such a great machine, robust and built for a lifetime. Currently I am still finishing my first project (cushion cover), but I am already roaming the www for inspiration and pattern designs. Planning on sewing shirts, dresses and shorts for the coming summer. And a maxi skirt for the beach. On the weekend I spent hours in fabric stores, loving it!

Question: do you sew?

If yes, let me know your favorite websites, patterns and fabric supplies!
Still a newie to this whole thing :) Thanks!! *K


  1. I just got a sewing machine last month. My aunt wanted to get a new one, so I inherited hers. Unfortunately, I haven't started it up yet (I also got a typewriter at the same time, that I have used). I already have some patterns and fabric to make pajama pants and hopefully a couple of skirts...just got to get going!!

  2. I am still rocking my grandmother's 1970s era chocolate brown and beige Janome - she taught me to sew on it so it is such a treasured possession. They don't make 'em like they used to - the Bernina looks like a keeper! Check out for inspiration and drool worthy supplies, (the site and two blogs, they have a shop in Fitzroy and Pip has written some gorgeous books as well), for incredible old pics. In Melbourne town there is an amazing patchwork shop opposite Central Park Malvern (get the number 5 tram down High St and get off at Bourke Road), Job Warehouse on Bourke Street for fabric and oddments, Clegs for dressmaking fabric, the button shop on Swanston Street (upstairs near Flinders Lane), The Fabric Store on Brunswick St Fitzroy, Tessuti's on Flinders Lane and if you knit the wool shop upstairs above Dymocks on Collins Street. And for formal fabrics there are some great old school shops in Hawthorn still, like Franke Stewart on Glenferrie Road. My grandmother shopped at many of these places when she moved to Melbourne after the war - they are the real deal! Just realised this became a bit of an essay, sorry! :)

    1. Alli, thanks so much for all the tips - will check them out once I am back to Melbourne! x

  3. I'm sorry to say I've never sewn on my life, but I wouldn't mind with a Bernina :-)

  4. That is so cool. My friend loves sewing too but I have no clue how to:) happy Wednesday, dear.

  5. Sadly I am not a sewer, but when you learn how to make all of the latest fashions as DIYs feel free to send some tips our way.

  6. I have to say, I'm pretty jealous. I was great at it when I was 13, but have forgotten absolutely everything. I bought a sewing machine before we sold the house and it's been in storage ever since :(

    Hopefully some of your projects will inspire me. Good luck!

  7. Wow, you got your sewing machine on ebay! lucky girl! it looks great!!!
    I'm sewing much less than I used to these days, but you inspire me to get my machine running again!!!
    Should start with some simple projects - apron for my little miss, some cushions and maybe a skirt for me. Hmmmm. Maybe this weekend....

  8. I don't sew at all, but congrats on your new toy!!! :)

  9. I can't sew but I wish I could. It must be so great to make everything from your own sewing machine :)

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