Tuesday, July 3, 2012

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How was your weekend?
Mine was like this:

Winter hit us hard on this first July weekend (and yes, it is still very strange to use winter and July in the same sentence...) - it basically rained both Saturday and Sunday, it was chilly, windy and just yucky. Tried to stay warm most of the time....

Besides that I went checking on sewing machines (just had my first sewing lesson the week before and loved it!), we had breakfast with friends in Albert Park, did some vacation planning (anybody has recommendations for Western Australia?) and we got some pretty paint for a couple of DIY projects (soon to be shared). Loving the color, it is called Surf Wash - reminds me of summer, beach and surfing. And that is definitely a good thing!!

Have a lovely week  *K


  1. Ich war fast 3 Monate an der Westküste und fand es wunderschön. Hier meine favourites: Fremantle, Broome, Bungle Bungle, Gibb River Road (absolutes Outback-Feeling - wir haben fast ne Woche dort gezeltet) und die ganze Südwest-Küste. Weiß leider nicht mehr alle Orte, aber in Esperance ist so mit der schönste Strand den ich je in meinem Leben gesehen habe. Und die Wälder in der Ecke fand ich auch sehr nett. Viel Spaß beim Planen!

  2. So strange to hear 'winter' and 'july' together! I hope it's mild and short!

  3. oh I want a sewing machine too! have a nice week! :)

  4. nice on the sewing! i wouldn't even know where to begin, but i have made a cool bag in high school once!

  5. I love your photos of gorgeous Melbourne.

    As for Western Australia the Margaret River wineries area is fabulous and the wines excellent. Perth as a city is a lovely city and very different to Melbourne. If you want something really different why not travel to Monkey Mia where you can swim with Dolphins - Wonderful here is the link. http://www.sharkbay.org/monkeymia if you are interested. Have a good day.


  6. love your wall colors
    enjoy your weekend

  7. I love Perth! I've stayed there in the past for quite a few months! If you're staying there, it's worth a day trip up north to the Pinnacles National Park and down south for a couple days to the Margaret River region!


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