Sunday, June 24, 2012

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How was your weekend?
Mine was like this:

You remember my post about the Vintage Shed in Tyabb on the Mornington Peninsula? Vintage heaven? Well, I have found another one in the suburbs of Melbourne (thanks to you Bianca)... An enormous warehouse filled with amazing treasures.
A perfect place for spending a cold Sunday afternoon.
Trust me. I bought a lovely golden frame for our bedroom. With all the other things on my wish-list I was not so lucky this time. Unfortunately most of those things cannot be found that easily... Patience is what I need.

If you follow me on Instagram (@lefabuleuxdestin), you already know that I had my first sewing lesson on Saturday. My lovely colleague (who used to make dresses to fit and had her own clothing line) offered to teach me basic sewing. I am over the moon! So happy and thankful! She is a wonderful teacher, I had such a great time. My first project is a felt cushion cover and I am looking forward to finish it next week. Now I desperately want my own sewing machine... Checking on ebay and gumtree as I write... Cross your fingers!

Have a wonderful week. *K

Find it here:
Wholesale Antiques
11a Aristoc Road
Glen Waverley, VIC


  1. Great shots! And this place looks amazing, must go for a visit.

    Hope you find a nice sewing machine soon. I've just pulled mine out again. Good fun! Enjoy the lessons :)

  2. aww you went! that's awesome :-)
    sounds like you had a lovely sunday afternoon xx
    ps. i'm already planning my next visit... ohh dear aha

  3. Like being a child again :-)

  4. oh! das lässt mein schatzsucherherz höher schlagen.

  5. wow this place looks amazing!

  6. my goodness, how did you not buy everything????

  7. Ooh my mom would love to visit that place ;-; *puts on to go to places list*

  8. wow! that looks like heaven, i hope to find a place like that in atlanta!

  9. ohh man that place looks awesome!!

    thanks for stopping by my blog :)


  10. A yes one of my favourite places to visit (besides my own showroom!!)
    Always love to run into stall holders I know there too.
    On my grand day out list for sure!

  11. This place is AMAZING! I would have spent hours here! I've been looking for the perfect vintage suitcase with a few stickers on it, and it looks like you found a pile of those. Thanks for sharing your find!


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