Tuesday, June 19, 2012

revealing: from INSPIRATION to CREATION challenge

Remember? A couple of weeks ago I officially announced that I will participate in Kisha's Pinterest Challenge: from INSPIRATION to CREATION.

I had many plans + ideas and non-stop pinned new projects on my DIY Pinterest board. In the end busy weekends and timeconsuming projects at work came in between and I was not able to finish what I had planned to do. Shame on me. No shell mobile. No painted driftwood. No printed photographs for our apartment. Mmh.

However, one project I was able to finish.

The "creation" of my new vintage bike!!

Yeay. I was lucky enough to receive a 25-year old red bike from my lovely colleague as a present. When I picked it up, I fell in love immediately. So much character. And rust. Loving it. As it as been standing for at least 20 years in a garage, the tires were flat and crumbling when being touched.

So the creation process began.

After cleaning and rubbing off all the dirt, I went to a local bike shop and bought new (vintage style) tires and new tubes. My boyfriend was nice enough to change the tires and tubes for me. Afterwards I took of all the old stickers with warm water and soap - I wanted to have an unbranded, clean bright red frame! And voila....

Me and my new bike. Loving it!

(And please excuse my funny outfit, I had to beat the winter chill will riding a bike and wearing the obligatory helmet! Definitely improvement possible in the category riding my new bike and looking stylish and cute!!).

Please check out the fellow bloggers KishaPamDaVidaKandyce and Renee who also reveal the DIYs they have been working on the past weeks.

And now I get back to my Pinterest board and search for a new project!! DIY is fun!


  1. This is such an awesome idea K.!!! I always feel like I'm pinning myself away and drain my creativity instead of being inspired.
    I made a couple of different project by my Pinterest pins in the past though and it did make me so happy! Will see if I have any photos to share.
    Love your bike! So pretty!!! And I love your outfit too! Green, blue, and red is a winning combination in my book! xx

  2. Kristina your bike is so so so cute! LOVE it!

  3. the bike looks amazing!! what a great gift and you've done such a good job fixing it up.

    i plan on giving mine a make over this weekend hopefully. it's in good shape, it just needs some love :)

  4. That is the perfect bike! You did a superb job getting her back in shape.

  5. Sweet Wheels!! Looks Awesome!

  6. You really look extraterrestrial in that outfit :-)

  7. What a great idea, and your end product is lovely! I've always wanted an unbranded colorful bike! Now you're pinspirational! :)

  8. Love it!!! I just picked up an old bike from a thrift store for $6.00 - I cannot wait to clean her up and take her out. :)

  9. ooo, nice pictures and even more beautiful bike :)

  10. that looks so great! i love red bikes.
    so glad i came across your blog - it's lovely!

  11. it looks awesome!!! i should try to do that...and also something about the rust spots. but it was a purchase from velo.ch one sunny sat. morning last year :)


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