Wednesday, June 27, 2012

{ garden love } café vue at heide, melbourne

A couple of weeks ago, on a sunny Sunday afternoon, we visited the Heide Museum of Modern Art in Northern Melbourne. The story of the Heide museum began in 1934 as the home of the Reed family and evolved over the years (and with the dedication of the Reeds) to a place where artists and free spirits met, worked and lived. Today the museum is well known for its exhibitions and the sculpture garden. We wandered among the pretty garden, visited an exhibition about the Reeds and their life at the Heide property, sat on a bench soaking up the sunshine and drank a delicious coffee at the Café Vue.

And then we discovered my favorite veggie garden ever.

In order to remain self-sufficient, the Reeds had established a kitchen garden back in their days and this principle still works for the Café Vue until today. The café runs the wonderful veggie and herb garden - which is open to the public to enjoy and stroll through. When you enter you pass a large board explaining which herbs and veggies are harvested each month. Among others, garlic, carrots, mint, silverbeet and curry plants are currently growing. The garden is set within the most pretty landscape, with huge trees and a cute farmhouse built by the Reeds.

I have always loved the idea to have my own little veggie patch. There are a couple of community garden projects here in Melbourne, unfortunately the waiting lists are forever and the council that we live in has none. I would so much enjoy to have a garden just like my grandma - with fresh berries, salad, tomatoes, herbs, potatoes, carrots and many flowers. One day! For sure! Thinking about trying to grow a couple of veggies in pots next spring, simply love the idea to eat food I have grown myself.

Do you have a garden? Or are you growing veggies in pots?
Let me know which has worked best for you! *K


  1. I need to start my own garden asap.

  2. I WISH I had my own garden - at least for herbs or something small!! Unfortunately, living in a tiny studio in a building with no usable roof doesn't make that so easy...

    One of the most interesting community initiatives I've seen was in Seattle, where previously unused green spaces were being turned into vegetable gardens for rent. Sometimes you'd be walking down a sidewalk and see tomato plants growing out of it ;)

  3. I love all of the fresh herbs with the labels! So great that they've kept their veggie garden going after all these years :) I used to have a veggie garden (well a mini one in a big pot) on my balcony, but last winter it sort of died :/


  4. I am also longing for my own garden. At the moment I have room and sunlight for one pot of basil. It's better than nothing but oh how I long to dig things up, move them around, and watch them grow. I even miss weeding!

  5. I love gardens and eating fresh veggies out of them - my Mom & Aunt always had one at our farm when we were growing up. I tried to plant one in our first house in Gabon but it was so much work to keep up and the torrential rain kept washing it out. After the last robbery and we moved, the garden got left behind. I'd like to try and start a bit smaller next time - maybe just herbs- and work my way up!

  6. Heide sounds pretty german ;O). I love gardening and I desperately need my own veggiegarden. Last week I visited friends in bavaria and they had this great veggiegarden and many trees with fruits. I was very jealous. At least I have some homegrown tomatoes on my balcony.

  7. i grew straberries and have a tomato plant going on my little balcony! not quite the huge garden my great grandparents had (which I loved so much) but it still makes me proud, haha :) p.s. mark just saw a job opening for pilatus in perth..he said that would be fun!

  8. I have a little veggie patch at home and i love picking herbs and veg straight from garden to use in the kitchen.

    This veggie garden looks AMAZING and huge

  9. I'm obsessed with your pictures! Such a lovely garden!

  10. I have always wanted to have a veggie garden. Such a wonderful thing to go out to your yard and pluck a head of garlic or radish. I am loving these photos. So beautiful!

  11. I love all of your photos, they're gorgeous :)

    Best, Carin

  12. This place looks incredible, I think there's nothing nicer than a cafe that can pull from its own garden!


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