Monday, May 7, 2012

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How was your weekend?
Mine was like this:

Brr, it was cold this weekend. And drizzling. And grey. And so autumn-like.
I so envy everybody in the Northern Hemisphere... Looking forward to spring already...

Despite the weather we spent our Saturday morning roaming several garage sales (it was the garage sale trail in Melbourne) in Camberwell. Did not buy anything though. Other activities included running errands in the city, shopping, travel planning (!!) and cleaning my new vintage beauty that I have received on Friday from a dear colleague of mine. A wonderful 25 year old, red bicycle. I am in LOVE. Only needs new wheels and it will be perfect. So excited!!

Anyways, today we left the house, hopped in the car, checked out some (unfortunately very expensive) furniture stores in Richmond and had lunch at the beautiful Abbotsford Convent. Such a lovely place - an old convent converted to a lively place with restaurants, cafés, galleries and gorgeous architecture.

It is one of my most favorite places in Melbourne so far to spent a lazy Sunday afternoon!

Happy new week, *K


  1. hi Kristina your pictures are always so Intense!
    i love the architecture and the Red outline of the windows

  2. ooo what travel plans have you got? i love hearing about other people's travel adventures!

    1. I am currently planning 10 days in September, either Queensland or Western Australia, and I also have to start sketching out my parents visit in November - where they should go and where I can join them! Travel planning is the best :)

  3. I'm in the middle of planning Europe travels, sigh - so much work.
    Love abbotsford convent, had my husband's work christmas party there. So cold in Melbourne this morning >_<

  4. Ich bin immer wieder ganz hin und weg von Deinen Fotos. Wirklich wunderschön wie Du Szenen einfängst. Da krieg ich glatt Heimweh nach Australien. Auch wenn hier jetzt Frühling wird (wovon man mal wieder nix merkt - typisch D´land). XOXO, Frau Hibbel

  5. I have to check this place out! I hear you about expensive furniture, but I can't stand IKEA anymore!!! try, they have a store in Richmond and I'm getting lots of pieces from there as soon as I get a job! I also got a couple of good deals with freedom and focus on furniture. Did you know you should bargain for furniture and appliances????

  6. Looks like a lovely weekend. Can't wait to see your new bike!

  7. What gorgeous scenery for your weekend. I adore the contrast of the pretty grass with the worn down buildings. That is pure beauty!


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