Thursday, May 10, 2012

bali // taking a walk in the ricefields, part one

I finally managed to sort through my Bali pictures to show you the most pretty ones from my long walk through the surrounding ricefields. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!!

Everybody who has been to Ubud knows that it is actually a very busy, sometimes congested little town in the heart of Bali - so I was really surprised to see that Ubud is actually surrounded by beautiful ricefields, lush valleys and mountains - all coloured in the most amazing green.

I joined the Bali Nature Herbal Walk, which is organized by the lovely Lilir and Westi. It takes about 3 hours and leads straight through amazing ricepaddies. Lilir is an expert in herbal medicine and explains which flowers and plants are used for which treatment by traditional Balinese healers. Furthermore she shares many insights on traditional ceremonies, rice growing techniques and the way the Balinese people used to live before the tourists became the main income for many locals. I really enjoyed the walk, the stories and information on all the plants along the way, but mainly I enjoyed the wonderful scenery - my camera was clicking away happily!

I can definitely recommend to take this walking tour when you visit Ubud!

Bali Nature Herbal Walks start everyday at 8.30 am. 
It costs 18 USD per person which includes herbal tea, pasteries and a fresh coconut :)


  1. Oh my goodness Kristina - these are gorgeous pictures. I cannot wait to visit more of Asia & Bali someday!

  2. Wonderful pictures - so other wordly

  3. oh das sieht aber spannend aus. warst du erst kürzlich in bali? hach, da bekomme ich direkt fernweh. liebe grüße aus der (ex)heimat :)

  4. indonesia is one of our trips we want to take... so when we do i will definitely need to get some tips!
    and to answer your question, I use lightroom/photoshop.
    and for my india book... i would in no way put 5,000 photos in one book, but I have to edit them all first to find the best of the best for it. :)

  5. Oh, I so envy you right now. I always wanted to visit a rice field in Asia. It just feels special to me, to be close to those hard working people. :)

  6. oh my goodness, these pictures are awesome, makes me want to go! (stumbled upon your blog today).

  7. Beautiful photos! We did many walks in Ubud and I loved them all! (you should rent a scooter and head to the volcanos but remember to get an intl. driver's license because we were pulled over a lot!)

  8. Bali is incredibly beautiful and inspiring! I found it curious how differently they practice Hinduism. It is a land that is happy and always smiling. Your pictures are beautiful!

  9. Rice fields is indeed the happiest place on earth after beach? Beautiful pictures! I really enjoy these.


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