Thursday, May 31, 2012

// analog adventures // black and white 2 //

Those are the last pictures of my recent black and white film.
You find more here and here.


From top to bottom:
1.  Me at the beach
2.  Sunset at Elwood beach
3. + 4. Botanical Gardens
5.  Market Lane café at Prahran Market
6.  Great store in Fitzroy
7.  The Acland cake shop on St Kilda
8.  Market Lane café at Prahran Market
9.  Chapel Street, South Yarra
10. Sunset at Elwood beach


  1. I love these pics, especially number four. You see Melbourne through such enthusiastic eyes. Have you tried Manchester Press coffee in Melbourne yet? I didn't get a chance to when I was home in December but I keep hearing good things about it and see some amazing latte art.

    1. No, I have not tried Manchester Press coffee yet - thanks for the recommendation! There is so much great coffee to taste in Melbourne, loving it! And thanks for the nice words about my pictures, always makes me smile! xx

  2. Beautiful serious!! Makes me want to break out a roll of b&w right now :)
    Just found your blog, really like your work. I lived in Adelaide for a few years and visited Melbourne often. Really loved St Kilda, I think I would live there if we ever went back to live in oz.

  3. Beautiful shots! Funny that I haven't been down to St Kilda since I moved to Caulfield. I really need spring to motivate me to explore the outdoors more!

  4. Oh boy, those photos are really beautiful. There is something totally dreamy about b&w photos:) Muah, dear.

  5. I you like black and white, you might be interested in the silverefexpro2 software. You can run it free for a month or so.


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