Monday, April 23, 2012

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How was your weekend?
Mine was like this:

Another busy weekend filled with sunny autumn days - so pretty!

We spent time strolling along parks filled with colourful leaves, enjoying coffee and cupcakes in the sunshine. Highlights included the amazing Finders Keepers Market (wonderful handmade things, will post my favorites soon!) at the pretty Royal Exhibition Building in Carlton. Besides I went to see a great movie at the German Film Festival (still running for a few days, so if you fancy a German movie, have a go!), bought yummy, fresh fruits and vegetables at the Queen Victoria Market and went out with some new friends!

The most amazing time we spent out along the coastline though! After a 70 minutes drive out of the city onto the Mornington Peninsula, we spent hours along the beaches and dramatic coastline close to the small town of Flinders. As I told you here, Dennis is paragliding and ever since we moved to Australia he is desperately looking for grounds to fly in driving distance to Melbourne (he was kind of spoiled with the Alps in Switzerland). I think we have found the spot though... There is a paragliding area right along the most amazing and beautiful cliffs, beaches and ocean I have seen so far in Australia. It is a magical place! I was speakless, on top of the cliffs, the sun setting, hearing the ocean below, the wind in my hair and nobody around except us! I loved it!!

Tell me, where is your magical place? *K


  1. I'm enjoying all your Australia posts- it's such a beautiful place! This spot looks like an ideal place to paraglide.

  2. Another great spot for me to check out when I get to Australia! My magical place is definitely deep into the desert where the sand dunes are gigantic and you can't see anything else for miles. Incredible.

  3. Ich liebe die Mornington Peninsula. Freunde von uns leben dort. Wundervolle Fotos. Ichwillauch - snief. Liebste Grüße aus der Heimat, Frau Hibbel

  4. As always I love these posts. You see Melbourne with fresh eyes yet always manage to hit the best spots. My magical place is probably in the dunes at Sandy Point (towards Wilsons Prom) or anywhere in the prom.

  5. Oh boy, it totally looks magical. I love those photos and the relaxing vibe they give out. Swoon! Have a great Monday. xo

  6. i was surprised to read it was a busy weekend when these photos were SO relaxing! lol
    it sounds like it was fun and refreshing.

  7. Hi Kristina,

    As usual, so beautiful. We finally found a flat and are in the process of moving. Would love to meet though, so let me know whenever you have time :D

  8. Love these photos, it looks sp peaceful and lovely!

  9. This looks gorgeous. Reminds me of where I grew up in California.

  10. I definitely want to try paragliding sometime! Can't be as scary as skydiving, so it seems like the thing for me! :D

  11. Your weekends always top mine.

    In a month D and I are traveling to kauai. I plan on making that my special place. And perhaps never coming home...

  12. flinders is a lovely spot, my boys call it "teepee beach" since we usually find big sticks and use the seaweed to form a teepee.


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