Thursday, April 26, 2012

// analog adventures // black and white

I was planning on trying a black and white film for such a long time... I finally popped in a film and started of wandering around Melbourne a couple of weeks ago, taking my camera whereever I went, documenting what I saw along the streets I was walking.

I like the results. I know, one can always turn every colour picture into a black and white picture, but I like the idea that those shots will forever be black and white and nothing else! Call me silly...

Have you ever tried b/w film photography?


From top to bottom:
1.  Yarra River and view over the city
2.  St. Kilda palmtrees
3.  Townhouses along Domain Road
4.  Botanical Garden
5.  Yarra River and Nylex Plastic Sign
6.  Aceland Street Bakery, St Kilda
7.  Window shopping along Chapel Street, South Yarra
8.  Streetart in the CBD


  1. You're not silly at all, I find the whole process completely different when taking black and white photos - I look more for tones rather than hues, you start to see things a bit differently I think.

    These are gorgeous, I really love them

  2. Really, really pretty! I use black and white in my Diana. It's very fun.

  3. excellent captures!

    ah, rumballs from Oz, miss those.

    i studied fine arts (photography major) and it was all B&W and darkroom stuff. i feel old! lol

  4. These are wonderful!

    I've only used b&w film once, but keep meaning to try it again.

    I liked how this photo I took using my Diana+ camera turned out:

  5. Good for you. Black & white photos have a timeless appeal.
    Thanks for sharing. Really joy your lovely blog photos.

  6. Looks like so much fun, and the black-and-white photos are the perfect touch!

  7. Black and white is like being a child again, when all was in black and white, at least in my childhood. Was that the reason everybody was back then so stylish? :_)

  8. Ich fotografiere gerne b/w analog. Wie du schon sagst, das Ergebnis wird sich nie mehr ändern. Ich glaube, die Sichtweise ist eine andere, wenn man b/w fotografiert. Man achtet auf anderes.
    Sehr schöne Fotos, gefallen mir sehr!

    Ja, bei uns ist es richtig warm. :) Einfach nur herrlich.

  9. You know I have ;) fabulous images, what film did you end up using?


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