Monday, March 5, 2012

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How was your weekend?
Mine was like this:

As I was told by my lovely neighbors, the beginning of fall has started officially here in Australia on March, 1st... And believe me, we do felt that change!! From one day to the other (remember last weekend, while I was surfing, it was 36 degree C), temperatures dropped and it rained for days.... On one side I am happy about this change (as it means I can wear tights, boots and my beloved scarfs again!), but on the other side I am feeling a bit depressed. Reading all the status updates of my friends back home about approaching spring, their first visit to the beergarden etc makes my heart feel a bit heavy....

Anyway, as it was raining much of the weekend, we spent our days in the gym, shopping for new clothes (found a lovely dress and a super cute, green skirt) and reading on the sofa. I did not take any pictures, so I have put together some old ones from Melbourne which I did not use in other posts..... So, I know it looks like summer on this pictures, but it was clearly not - trust me!

How was your weekend? Hopefully more sunny!!
Have a lovely week and thanks for all the wonderful comments on my Beijing picture - it means a lot to me!! *K


  1. Yes, it's funny how quickly the weather changed, isn't it? My poor husband was sneezing non-stop by the end of the day! Lots of late night working for us, but feeling excited about a new week. Seriously loved your Beijing photos.
    Ronnie xo

  2. Oh, those clouds are amazing! Here, spring should be approaching too, but all it ever does these days is rain. I might fill my rainy days the same way as you did, except for the gym since I'm not really a sporty person :)

    Enjoy the new week!

  3. this post made me smile; remembering this effect so well. back, when living in new zealand, i felt forunate every kiwi spring and kind of betrayed, when spring started back home. we are silly bugs sometimes.

  4. ah, looks good in melbourne.
    i'm looking forward to spring, but my fave season remains the one for boots and scarves. ;)

  5. Das muss ein herrliches Gefühl sein, jeden Tag an den Strand gehen zu können. Ich würds machen. :)

    Schöne Zeit!

  6. Oh Melbourne, it makes me homesick seeing these pics but I do love it everytime you post. I had a suprisingly sunny weekend on the coast of Northern Ireland. Sunny but not at all warm though.

  7. If these pictures are Melbourne, it looks like a lovely city! I'm bummed I didn't include it on my Australian tour! I know what it's like to yearn for the things people look forward to at home..but just think, you spent their cold, miserable winter in summerland! Woohoo! Love your photos. I look forward to following your work!


  8. looks lovely! can't wait for the season when i can take a little stroll in shorts and a t-shirt!


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