Thursday, March 22, 2012

roadtripping the great ocean road

The Great Ocean Road is a synonym for a great and beautiful road trip! Dramatic rock formations, beautiful beaches, cute Koalas and Kangaroos, sweet caf├ęs and restaurants and (really) curvy roads all add up to one big adventure!

We took the drive from Torquay to Port Campbell over Christmas, staying at the camp ground in Apollo Bay, spending christmas at the beach instead of in the snow and exploring the area from there. It was a wonderful introduction to Australia and we instantly felt we did the right choice to move to this pretty place!

What is your favorite roadtrip? *K

Things to do while driving along the Great Ocean Road -


  1. How beautiful!! I had a few opportunities to drive between San Diego and San Francisco in California, and always chose the longer coastal route instead of the shorter freeway straight through the desert. There's just something about little beach towns and the ocean stretching out beside you. Maybe someday I can check out the Great Ocean Road too!! ;)

  2. it's definitely one of the best road trips in australia, great pics!

  3. Look at that koala!
    The best road trip I've ever taken was all around Provence... Avignon - Arles - Marseille - Aix - Cassis. I was already living here but since my family was living here I took the trip as a tourist and soaked it all my surroundings, it was wonderful! :)

  4. wonderful! i always planned to do the rgea ocean road trip. i've done the east coast up to victoria (having grown up in sydney it was a natural starting point). one day i'll return!

  5. This was one of my most favorite trips I've ever taken! I LOVE that sea shell shot wow!!!!!!!

  6. Looks like a great way to have spent the Christmas holidays! I also really like the shot of the shells. I've never seen such intricate patterns and colours! :D

  7. oh lord, this place looks damn perfect - hope u had a great time there

    x the cookies

  8. the photo of you jumping is adorable.

    i've never seen a koala in real life - not even in a zoo! i need to make it to australia someday

  9. I'm pinning this for when I get to Australia in a few months!

  10. Trying your things to do I. Great ocean road right now ;)



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