Wednesday, February 29, 2012

beijing // hutong wandering // 2

As I told you before, my happiest memory of my time in Beijing is the time I spent wandering and getting lost in the local hutongs. There is so much to see and explore, the photo opportunities are endless and there are many lovely cafés and restaurants for a coffee-break!

I really liked the Vineyard Café close to the Lama Temple and the Passby Bar at Nanluogu Xiang (maybe the most famous hutong in Beijing). Oh and talking about food, if you like Dumplings you have to eat at Din Tai Fung, a famous restaurant chain from Taiwan. Mmh, delicious!

One word of advice about the use of rickshaws (as in the second picture) - there are no bus or metro stops in the hutongs, so many tourists take rickshaws to get around or back to the next public transport. Make sure that you triple-confirm the final price before getting on-board! And never accept the first price, it might be 300% too high! Ahh, the magic of traveling :)

Have a lovely week! *K


  1. you have totally inspired me to go to China, i love all these beautiful laneways and the quirky details that i wouldn't expect to find in Beijing.

    I know what you mean about the rickshaws though, i've had similar problems in SE Asia :)

  2. Amazing photos! You've given me a real taste to travel. I am a new Melbourne based photographer and blogger. I would love you to check out my stuff.

    Benni Knop

  3. I'd love to get lost there, too! I've never been particularly interested in traveling to China or Asia in general...but during the past years I've gotten more and more interested to go there!

  4. Hey liebe Kristina,

    erstmal vielen Dank für deinen Besuch bei mir und die Sonnenstrahlen... Leider sind die noch irgendwie unterwegs von Melbourne (WOW, du darfst da leben???) hierher... Kommen bestimmt bald an ;-)

    Ganz toller Blog und tolle Bilder. Hier werde ich ab sofort mitlesen und träumen... Merci dafür! ;)

    Allerbeste Grüße from Germany

  5. Those roast ducks look delish.. :)
    Love your photos of Beijing.
    Ronnie xo

  6. I have never been to Beijing, but I have to say that getting lost in the little streets is one of my favorite ways to explore new places when I travel!

    Great photos! Thank you for giving us a peek into life in Beijing!

  7. I really love these photos! I've never been to Beijing but this post makes it look like such a fun place to explore.

  8. i visited around 2000-2001 for a week. we LOVED it there. but it was minus 6 celsius and we struggled to simply wander around. we did the big tourist places mostly. but it's one place i would love to return to, preferably in the spring!
    wonderful shots.

  9. Hello! I forwarded this post to my parents last week, since they are on their way to China soon. Mum sent me a reply: "Tried to send Kristina a reply but were asked by google to open an account. Wanted to thank her for the tips, especially regarding hiring rickshaws. She says if you accept the first price you can pay up to 300% more!" So, on behalf of my dear parents, thank you!

  10. Wonderful pictures! I note all your valuable tips ;)

  11. These are such a lovely photographs. I enjoy all your China trip post. You captured them so beautifully.


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